Name for girl: Monica. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Monica, name for girl

We leaf through the list of female names and it catches our eye Monica: now not very common but undoubtedly elegant and sophisticated. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


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Monica celebrates the name day on August 27th when the Church remembers Saint Monica, mother of Saint Augustine.

According to some calendars, Santa Monica is celebrated on 4st May.

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Monico

Origins and etymology of the name Monica

The name of Saint Augustine's mother probably has Berber origins. The original form of the name: monnica it probably has Phoenician or North African origins that are difficult to decipher.

Over time the name lost the double N, associating itself with the Greek word Monos (one) or a derivative of Monake (solitary).

Another theory brings the name Monica back to the Latin word Moneo (counselor).

Meaning of the name Monica

The meaning of the name Monica is most likely related to the Greek term Jumpsuits and then Monake so it must be rendered with: solitary, hermit, monk.

Spread of the name Monica

The cult of Saint Monica, mother of Saint Augustine, contributed to the great popularity of the name in Christian circles. In our country Monica had enormous diffusion especially in the sixties and early seventies, while today it is certainly rarer.

According to ISTAT data on the most common names in the country, even if in 1999 557 newborn girls were called Monica, while in 2022 this name was given to only 81 girls.

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Personality of a little girl named Monica

Woman from particular personality, Monica: on the one hand she is reserved and discreet, on the other she has a certain desire to appear and be noticed even if this inclination does not perfectly respond to her deeper nature.

In her social and emotional relationships, therefore, Monica will play a little with this character dualism, with his malice and his shyness. Sometimes, however, she may have a tendency to want to isolate herself, to withdraw into herself and cut herself off from the world. Of thoughtful, solid, straightforward and honest nature, Monica sometimes tends to doubt herself and to withdraw into an apparent coldness that actually hides a profound hypersensitivity.

Monica can suffer from poor esteem even if she easily achieves success and this restores her self-confidence. His humility and her discretion, as well as her kindness and availability, make her a pleasant person both in the workplace and in society. In short, if anyone can think that Monica is missing personality in reality she knows how to stay in her place, she knows how to give importance to those around her and at the same time she manages to be dynamic and active at the right time.

Monica is very loving, reliable and is a perfect friend to rely on in difficult times.

What profession will Monica do? You will orient yourself towards the professions related to administration and the economy, or to those that bring you into contact with nature. The professions of reflection or analysis for which a rational mind is required are also perfect.

Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that best represents Monica's personality is that of Capricorn: an Earth sign, just like Monica who prefers to be very realistic and pragmatic, has an iron will and is hardly influenced.


Il blu it is Monica's color, which refers to her ability to maintain inner balance.

Precious stone

Lo sapphire, Monica's lucky stone, helps her to keep her focus on the goal, but also to seek change when something makes her unsatisfied.

Lucky number

Monica swings between the number 4 and the number 5, symbol of the dualism of his character: on the one hand he seeks security, on the other he pushes himself in search of change and adventure.

Famous people named Monica

  • Monica Bellucci, actress and model el paesena
  • Monica Frassoni, politician and villager
  • Monica Guerritore, actress and the country
  • Monica Keena, American actress and model
  • Monica Lewinsky, American psychologist
  • Monica Lovinescu, journalist, writer, literary critic and Romanian radio commentator
  • Monica Niculescu, Romanian tennis player
  • Monica Scattini, actress and the country
  • Monica Seles, American naturalized Yugoslav tennis player
  • Monica Vitti, actress and the country
  • Monica Ward, voice actress and director of dubbing el paesena

Song dedicated to Monica


come on, Monica,

let's try, Monica,

let's go back to life


now Monica,

how nice, Monica,

see you laugh.

We chose "Monica" by Riccardo Fogli.

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