Name for girl: Morgana. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Morgana name for girl

Il name Morgana it is certainly not usual and it is not so widespread, it evokes a magical, mysterious and original person. Here is a guide on the origins, meaning and curiosities about the name Morgana for little girl.


The name day of Morgana can be celebrated on 28th December, in honor of St. Maughold, also called Morgan, missionary and bishop.

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Morgaine
  • Male: Morgan

Foreign variants

  • French: Morgane, Morgaine
  • Welsh: Morcant

Origins and etymology of the name Morgana

There is great uncertainty about the origins and meaning of the names Morgan and Morgana. We certainly know that it comes from the old Welsh male name Morcant (composed of mor, which probably means "sea", and cant, which means "circle", therefore "circle of the sea", or "large"). What we do know is that Morcant later became Morgant and then Morgan.

Meaning of the name Morgana

The Celtic meaning of the name Morgana (as well as Morgan) can therefore be traced back to the idea of ​​the circle or circle of the sea, but also to the size of the sea and not, as erroneously believed for many years, to "inhabitant of the sea".


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Diffusion of the name Morgana

In the Middle Ages in Wales the male name Morgan was quite common, while there is no trace of the female variant Morgana, which can be an adaptation of the French Morgaine or a feminization of the name Morgan. The name then spread widely in Anglo-Saxon countries in the Eighties thanks to the popularity of the actress Morgan Fairchild and the Mirage, a mythological character linked to the Breton cycle and to the stories of King Arthur, of whom she was the main antagonist.

In the country the name is quite rare: in 1999, according to ISTAT data, 51 girls were called this way, and in 2022 this name was chosen by 71 new parents.

Personality of a little girl named Morgana

Morgana is a woman proud and of great dignity, she is well aware of her goals and wants to achieve them alone without the help of anyone. AND' happy and she never misses an opportunity to have fun, she is not easily discouraged and if she finds herself in difficulty she loves being alone in nature to meditate and catch her breath. She smiles, she has a great sense ofhumor and conveys great joy. Consider the problems as challenges and not as obstacles and she likes to surround herself with friends and family, for her friendship is like a blood bond and she does not choose friends at random: she analyzes people a lot and goes to the bottom before trusting someone. She is very professional at work, she knows how to be very serious and never gives up, she stands out for hers dynamism and its creativeness. She has great sensitivity, doesn't take harsh criticism well, and can even respond aggressively when she feels attacked or belittled.

It has a perennial thirst for knowledge who tries to satiate by documenting, reading studying thoroughly. He escapes from monotony and is in search of originality. She can go from confidentiality to talkativeness suddenly and in any case she is surrounded by a halo of mystery that fascinates those who know it.

What profession will Morgana make? It will be successful in professions where you have to talk a lot, such as the teacher, the actress, commercial agents, but also in the crafts or in the aesthetic and artistic sector.

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Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign associated with Morgana is theRam, is a very stubborn person and if he wants something he does his best to get it: he always shows great enthusiasm for what he does and learns to improve thanks to difficulties. Like every Aries he loves challenges and stands out for his originality.


Morgana's color is blu, a symbol of freshness, loyalty and serenity.

Precious stone

The Morgana stone is theaquamarine, the talisman of love, which inspires contentment and serenity.

Lucky number

Morgana's lucky number is 6, a number linked to harmony and balance.

Famous people and art who are called Morgana

  • Morgan Fairchild, American actress
  • Morgan Griffin, Australian actress
  • Morgan Llywelyn, Irish naturalized American writer
  • Morgan Uceny, American athlete
  • Morgan York, American actress

Song dedicated to Morgana

"Fata Morgana" is a very famous song by Litfiba from 1993. A song that talks about appearances and things that are never what they seem, an invitation to never dwell only on the exterior.

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