Name for girl: Nathalie. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Nathalie, name for girl

If you are expecting a baby girl and choose for her one of the most famous and feminine foreign girl names, Nathalie it's a perfect idea. Definitely not very common in the country, it is still a traditional and classic name. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of name Nathalie for little girl.


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The name day is celebrated on 27 July, when the Church remembers Saint Natalia, a martyr in Cordoba with her husband Aurelio and other companions. But there is also a saint Natalia who is remembered on July 4th, and saint Natalia martyr in Constantinople who is celebrated on December 1st. Finally, it is possible to celebrate 8 September in honor of Saint Natalia, a martyr in Nicomedia together with her husband Adriano.

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Natalie
  • Male: Christmas

Foreign variants

  • English: Natalie
  • French: Natalie
  • Spanish: Natalie

Origins and etymology of the name Nathalie

The name Nathalie is the French variant of the name el paeseno Natalia (or Natalìa). The name derives from the Latin term Natalia, which derives from the expression natale fori (which means "Birth of the Lord") o anniversary (which means "day of birth").

Meaning of the name Nathalie

The expression natale domini means "Birth of the Lord", while that dies natalis means "day of birth", which is why in ancient times this name was attributed to children who were born during the Christmas period.

Spread of the name Nathalie

The name is particularly prevalent in Russia and in the East thanks to the cult towards santa natalia, wife of Saint Adrian, and it is extremely widespread precisely in the Nathalie version in France. In the country both Natalia and Nathalie are rare and not very present. According to ISTAT data on the most common names in the country, the more traditional variant el paesena, Natalia, was chosen in 1999 for 183 newborn girls, while in 2022 only for 79 newborn girls. The name Nathalie, on the other hand, is even less common: in 1999 it had an absolute value of 31 and in 2022 of 37.

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Personality of a little girl named Nathalie

Nathalie is a woman shy with an appearance female It is cozy. She wants to be loved for who she is she wants to be protected. She loves to feel at ease with her physically, she is attentive to her physical appearance and knows how to perfectly highlight her femininity. She leaves nothing to chance and she loves to seduce, however she is often unstable in love, she loves to feel wanted and is constantly looking for affection and tenderness.

His side infant it does not go unnoticed and conquers and fascinates anyone who meets it.

Nathalie is stubborn, difficult to persuade to do what he does not want or to change his mind, he does not make important decisions based on the whim of the moment or on simple instinct, but loves to use rationality to carefully evaluate situations. AND' intellectual, he loves to know and improve his culture, he avoids superficial people preferring few and dissected friendships he feels he can trust.

Nathalie avoid confrontation, is quiet, does not like to hold a grudge and seeks a peaceful and loving environment in which to live. AND' dreamer, often has her head in the clouds, loves to work hard to make a career or grow as a person and at work, she is an idealist and is constantly looking for perfection, both professionally and emotionally.

Nathalie is susceptible, sometimes permalosa, does not like to receive criticism and tends to internalize her feelings too much by withdrawing into herself.

What profession will Nathalie make? He will succeed in any field thanks to his tenacity and his desire for excellence and perfection. She could be rewarded with professions in the field of psychology or medicine.

Zodiac sign

Nathalie's personality resembles that of Leo: she likes to be admired, she wants to do things big and tends to dominate. She is a reliable person and is straightforward and sincere.

Lucky number

Il 7 is the number brings luck to Nathalie and refers to her constant and insatiable thirst for research and knowledge.


Il blu is the color of Nathalie, a symbol of wisdom, serenity and peace.

Precious stone

Nathalie's lucky stone is the ruby, this gem symbolizes peace and passion, but also the pursuit of happiness.

Famous people named Nathalie

  • Nathalie, singer-songwriter and villager
  • Nathalie Baye, French actress
  • Nathalie Caldonazzo, actress and showgirl and villager
  • Nathalie di Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, Princess Danese
  • Nathalie Guetta, French actress and circus performer
  • Nathalie Kelley, Peruvian actress
  • Nathalie Moellhausen, chairwoman of the chair
  • Nathalie Rapti Gomez, Colombian actress
  • Nathalie Roussel, French actress
  • Nathalie Sarraute, French writer

Song dedicated to Nathalie

We chose the song "The essence"by the singer-songwriter el paesena Nathalie, created in collaboration with Franco Battiato.

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