Name for girl: Nicole. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Nicole, name for girl

Positioned at fourteenth place of the ranking of the most popular names in the country, Nicole is a variant of the female name Nicoletta which has been enjoying great fortune in our country for some years now. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


The name day can be celebrated on 6 March, when the Church remembers Saint Coletta di Corbie, founder of the Order of the Poor Clares Colettine, or the 6th December, when Saint Nicholas of Bari is celebrated.


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Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Nicola

Foreign variants

  • French: Nicole, Colette (diminutive)
  • English: Nicole
  • Spanish: Nicolasa

Origins and etymology of the name Nicole

Nicole is a variant of the more classic name Nicoletta, feminine of Nicola. She comes from the ancient Greek Νικόλαος (Nicholas), which consists of νικη (nikê, "victory") and λαος (laos, "people").

Meaning of the name Nicole

The meaning of the name Nicole (and also of Nicola and Nicoletta) is "victory of the people", But also" victorious over the people "or" victorious over the people ".

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Spread of the name Nicole

As we said Nicole is an extremely name popular in the country for some years now. In fact, in 2022 it was the fourteenth most common name, while the variant Nicoletta it was placed only in 64th position. The Nicole form is of origin French and began to be more widespread from the mid-twentieth century in English and then throughout Europe.

Personality of a little girl named Nicole

Nicole is a woman susceptible, discreet and reserved. She is rigorous at work and she prefers stable positions even if not very exciting her Nicole she may prefer the shade to the light because she often runs the risk of lacking a little self-confidence. She prefers evolve slowly without going to the frantic search for more ambitious positions. He has a great sense of duty and carries out all his duties with conscience. She is not an imprudent woman far from it: she weighs all the circumstances well before making a decision.

It can look like a person fragile who constantly needs to be reassured and is constantly looking for safety and balance in friendship and family.

Due to her shyness and discretion Nicole manages to keep her feelings and emotions under control, even for fear of being disappointed or hurt.

Nicole is a very woman thoughtful, who knows how to listen and put himself in the other's shoes. She is capable of giving good advice and being a pleasant and loving companion and friend. But you always need a consistent one emotional security without which it risks closing in on itself and being too introverted.

What profession will Nicole make? He may find gratification in home life and motherhood, which are undoubtedly his priority. But it may also be attracted to professions linked to listening and caring for others and in general to stable and reassuring professions in which it can gradually evolve.

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Zodiac sign

Nicole's sign is there Balance: elegant, balanced in the constant search for serenity and safety.


Nicole's color is red, a symbol of passion and energy capable of instilling in Nicole the right security and psychic and physical strength.

Precious stone

Nicole's amulet is the ruby, which helps the person wearing it to express their full potential.

Lucky number

Nicole's number is 3, associated with cordial and caring people, but also capable of expressing joy and enthusiasm.

Famous people named Nicole

  • Nicole de Boer, Canadian actress
  • Nicole Eggert, American actress
  • Nicole Gius, alpine skier el paesena
  • Nicole Grimaudo, actress and the country
  • Nicole Hohloch, German singer
  • Nicole Kidman, Australian actress
  • Nicole Richie, American actress, fashion designer, writer and singer
  • Nicole Scherzinger, American singer, actress and dancer
  • Anna Nicole Smith, American model and actress

Song dedicated to Nicole

And I wish I could tell you, far away where you are

that I loved you true and great to death.

Nicole, you were my first poem

the first friend of my life.

"Nicole"is the title of a piece from The Countryside Cousins inserted in the album Tu sei Tu.

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