Name for girl: Romina. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Romina, name for girl

Romina is a feminine name that in the seventies enjoyed extraordinary popularity thanks to Romina Power, singer and wife of the famous Al Bano with whom she formed one of the most loved couples by el paeseni. It is probably a variant of the name the city. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


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There is no saint named Romina, so it is possible to celebrate the name day on two dates:

  • November 1, All Saints' Day;
  • February 23 in memory of Santa la cittàna, virgin of Todi, martyr in the XNUMXth century.

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Romino

Foreign variants

  • French: the city
  • English: the city

Origins and etymology of the name Romina

The name Romina is probably a variant of the name la cittàna or is a derivative of the name la città.

Meaning of the name Romina

The name la cittàna, of which Romina is probably a variant, has Latin origins and means "citizen of the city".

Spread of the name Romina

As we said the name Romina had a real exploit in the seventies thanks to the popularity of the American singer Romina Power, but in the following decades its diffusion dropped considerably: according to ISTAT data in 19999 Romina 148 newborn girls were called, while in 2022 there were only 41.

Personality of a little girl named Romina

In Romina they coexist two souls: one more fragile and another stronger and more self-confident. Romina likes simple things, nature, sincere people. She attaches great importance to family values ​​which she considers an oasis of peace and serenity.

Romina is friendly, can easily make new friends, is honest, cautious with people she doesn't know and doesn't like gossip. AND' generous, kind, sensitive and sometimes too trusting towards others who, therefore, can hurt or disappoint her.

Romina is charming, tender, has a developed sense of humor and is not easily discouraged from the source of problems. She loves to live life to the fullest and she likes to have fun, but she doesn't like exposing herself too much, she protects her privacy and is discreet.

It has a curiosity insatiable, he loves to study, know, learn but his greatest desire is to live in a stable, peaceful and safe environment. She seeks peace with all her strength.

Romina is often from good mood and this makes her a pleasant company, she likes to talk and communicate, but also to have fun.

What profession will Romina make? Her great kindness and innate generosity will easily push her towards professions that revolve around medicine, law, humanitarian activities. Thanks to her communication skills, she may also be interested in professions in the world of languages ​​or in teaching.

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Zodiac sign

Romina is influenced by the sign ofRam. Enthusiastic, stubborn, she prefers to trust her insights into her and is affectionate and trustworthy.


The name Romina is associated with color green, symbol of hope, stability and luck.

Precious stone

Romina's amulet is represented by the Emerald, a stone that evokes knowledge and promotes joy and serenity.

Lucky number

Il 7 is Romina's lucky number, a number linked to the thirst for knowledge and a great capacity for introspection.

Famous people named Romina

  • Romina Armellini, swimmer in the countryside
  • Romina Boscolo, contralto and the country
  • Romina Carancini, dancer and showgirl el paesena
  • Romina Ciappina, Belgian basketball player
  • Romina Mondello, actress and the village
  • Romina Laurito, gymnast and the country
  • Romina Mura, politica el paesena
  • Romina Oprandi, Swiss tennis player
  • Romina Power, American singer, actress and painter naturalized in the countryside
  • Romina Yan, Argentine actress, dancer and singer

Song dedicated to Romina

We can choose from one of the many, very famous, songs by Romina Power. We dedicate the piece to Romina You will win, as a good omen for a life full of courage and hope.

Clench your fists tightly look ahead and you will arrive at your goal

alone against all very often you will stay

but this is life, land of mysteries and frailties, heartless minds, but ...

You will win, if you want it, you will win

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