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Rosa, name for girl

If you love female names inspired by nature, flowers and colors, the name Rosa cannot leave you indifferent, with its slightly vintage flavor and its timeless elegance. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of Rosa name for baby girl.


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Several saints and blessed bear this name, however most people celebrate on two possible dates:

  • il August 23th, when Saint Rosa of Lima is remembered, the main patroness of Peru, the Americas and the Philippines, and protector of gardeners and florists,
  • il 6 March in memory of Saint Rosa of Viterbo.

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Rosella, Rosetta
  • Male: Roso

Foreign variants

  • English: Rose
  • French: Rose
  • SpanishRosa

Origins and etymology of the name Rosa

The name Rosa derives from the Latin word of the same name which leads back to the flower itself. From the etymological point of view, the name derives from the ancient Greek rhodon, which in turn comes from a proto-Indo-European language and the term wrdho (thorn).

Other sources suggest that the name derives from Roza, a Germanic hypochoristic name of names starting with hrod (fame) such as Rosalinda.

Finally, it may be a Latinized form of the English term Rose, which in turn derives from the Norman form of the name Hrodohaidis, which would therefore mean "famous lineage".

Meaning of the name Rosa

If we accept the interpretation of its Germanic origins, Rosa could mean "famous"Or" dthe famous lineage"; however, since ancient times this name has been attributed to the flower and its meaning is probably closely linked to the rose itself.

Diffusion of the name Rosa

Rosa has been very popular since ancient times - people have loved to give their children flower names for centuries - and it is also widely used for numerous highly regarded compound names such as Rosanna or Rosalba. Certainly his popularity, like that of all the names of flowers, is linked to the idea it represents: the rose is a symbol of beauty, youth and nobility.

In the town the name Rosa has always enjoyed great popularity popularity: in the twentieth century it was the third most common female name, although nowadays it is certainly less popular. According to ISTAT data on the most common names, in 1999 757 newborn girls were called Rosa, while in 2022 the absolute value dropped to 386.

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Personality of a little girl named Rosa

Rosa is a woman intelligent, diplomatic at the right point and very original. She is a loving, friendly woman, and she can be loved easily thanks to her open and understanding mind.

Rosa is a woman forte, who loves to take care of her appearance, who knows what she wants and how to get it. Her failures never pushed her to give up and her courage and her optimism help her face every challenge. She is a woman extremely sensitive who tries to hide his fragility behind a calm and smiling air. She is full of positive energy, she loves to enjoy life and share joys with loved ones.

E' methodical and she always prefers to have a precise plan and stick to it, she doesn't like groping in the dark and needs to know where she is going step by step and to plan. Rosa is an ambitious and determined woman: when she has a goal in mind, nothing and no one can prevent her from achieving it.

E' seductive: fascinates with a look and captures the attention of those who meet it. Rosa's greatest fear is that of being alone; therefore, she does not hesitate to surround herself with those she loves.

What profession will Rosa do? Her careful and profound nature could push her towards professions in the humanitarian or social field, but she could also choose to work in entertainment thanks to her vital energy.

Zodiac sign

Rosa's character is similar to that of the natives of the Virgin. A perfectionist with a logical mind that pushes her to weigh the pros and cons of her before making a decision. And like any Virgo native, Rosa is a sensitive woman who is easily overwhelmed by her feelings.


The name Rosa is associated with blu, a color that symbolizes dreams, serenity and loyalty, but also wisdom and self-confidence.

Precious stone

If Rosa were a gem, she would be sapphire: symbol of purity and fidelity, but also known for fostering devotion and creativity.

Lucky number

Il 3 is Rosa's lucky number: a symbol of creativity and energy.

Famous people named Rosa

  • Rosa da Lima, Peruvian nun and saint
  • Rosa da Viterbo, nun and saint el paesena
  • Rosa Bonheur, French painter
  • Rosa Luxemburg, German politician, socialist theorist and revolutionary
  • Rosa Parks, US activist
  • Rosa Russo Iervolino, politics and the countryside
  • Rosa Maria Segale, religious and missionary el paesena

Song dedicated to Rosa

We chose the song "Rosa" by Amedeo Minghi.

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