Name for girl: Rossella. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Name for girl: Rossella. Origins, meaning and curiosities
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Rossella, name for girl

Very popular in the country after the huge success of the film Gone with the Wind, whose protagonist was called Scarlett (translated into el paeseno with Rossella), this feminine name is less popular today, although it retains its charm and femininity intact. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.

Name for girl: Rossella. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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There are no saints named Rossella, so it is a name adespota and can celebrate the name day on November 1, All Saints' Day. However, if Rossella is believed to be a derivative of the name Rosa, it can be celebrated August 23th in honor of Saint Rose of Lima.

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Rossellina

Origins and etymology of the name Rossella

L'origin of the name Rossella has its roots in the term of endearment of the adjective red, probably referring to the color of the hair, therefore it is similar to names such as Fulvia, Fosca or Bruna. According to another theory Rossella instead is a derivative of the name Rosa.

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Meaning of the name Rossella

If the hypothesis of its origin linked to hair color is accepted, Rossella means "with red hair ". However, in the town the name found its maximum diffusion after the worldwide success of the film Gone with the Wind: the main character was called Scarlett (which means scarlet) which in el paeseno was commonly translated as Rossella.

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Diffusion of the name Rossella

According to ISTAT data on the most common names in the country, Rossella is not a very common name: in 1999 582 newborn girls were called this way, while in 2022 there were only 145. It must also be said that Rossella was also born from the name the surname Rossi, the most common in the country.

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Personality of a little girl named Rossella

Rossella has a strong and exuberant characterand, she is impulsive, impatient, often has a tendency to think only about the present moment and not about the consequences of her actions. She has a slightly frivolous personality, she loves fashion and showing off to attract attention. Rossella is extremely female, is a modern and free, capricious and ambitious woman, ready to do everything to achieve her goals. Precisely because of this particular and in some ways self-centered character of her, Rossella is not loved by everyone, but whoever enters her favor never leaves it.

Rossella doesn't like the routine, he has the courage and perseverance to pursue his dreams, he prefers to have a full life rather than a calm and peaceful existence. It is constantly looking forindependence, both in the workplace and in the family, and constantly needs to experiment with new things. She does not have an easy and docile character, she is possessive, capricious.

What profession will Rossella make? He certainly won't be satisfied with a monotonous and unprofitable job. Rossella is ambitious and loves beautiful things, so she will give the best of herself in the commercial sphere or in a managerial role, but she is also perfect for the freelance.

Zodiac sign

The character traits of Rossella are similar to those ofRam. The Aries woman has an impulsive and spontaneous character that pushes her to throw herself headlong into her life. Equipped with extraordinary charm and magnetism, just like Rossella, the Aries woman aspires to be loved by everyone.


Obviously Rossella's color is red, and not only for assonance with its name but above all for the characteristics and energy that this color emanates. Red symbolizes strength, power, energy, perseverance and determination.

Precious stone

Il ruby is the precious stone attributed to Rossella, an amulet that helps her to overcome the obstacles she encounters in life and to always be combative and dynamic.

Lucky number

Il 5 is Rossella's lucky number, a symbol of freedom, change, dynamism.

Famous people named Rossella

  • Rossella, singing the song
  • Rossella Acerbo, actress, voice actress, dialogist and director of the dubbing el paesena
  • Rossella Artioli, teacher and politics in the countryside
  • Rossella Brescia, dancer and TV presenter el paesena
  • Rossella Como, actress and the country
  • Rossella Drudi, screenwriter and writer and villager
  • Rossella Falk, actress and the country
  • Rossella Izzo, actress, voice actress, director of dubbing, and director of the countryside
  • Rossella Marcone, singer the paesena
  • Rossella Milone, writer and the country
  • Rossella Seno, singer and actress el paesena

Song dedicated to Rossella

Do what you believe here,

if you know you win

You are limitless,

if you know you win

If you know you win ...

Grab and Go Scarlett, away from me

Just as you want.

We chose the song "Rossella Roll Over" of Verdena

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