Name for girl: Serena. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Serena, name for girl

Serena it is one of those female names that has its origin in a Roman nickname and which has an auspicious meaning. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


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Serena can celebrate the name day on August 16th when the Church remembers Saint Serena, considered the wife of Diocletian and martyr in the city. The 7th December the Church also remembers another saint Serena, widow and martyr in Spoleto.

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Serenella
  • Male: Clear

Foreign variants

  • English: Serena, Serina
  • Spanish: Serena

Origins and etymology of the name Serena

The name Serena derives from the Roman nickname Serena, feminine of Serenus, which later became a personal name. It originates in the Latin term serenus.

Meaning of the name Serena

The meaning of the name Serena is - applied to the sky - "clear"or" without clouds "and applied to a person means" quiet "" serene ". Like other names, Serena also has a meaning auspicious.

Diffusion of the name Serena

Serena is a rather common name in our country, also thanks to the cult of Saint Serena. It is particularly present in the northern regions, such as Friuli Venezia Giulia and in Veneto. According to ISTAT data on the most popular names in the country in recent years, however, the popularity of name Serena it dropped slightly: in 1997, 1385 girls were called this way, compared to 804 in 2022.

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Personality of a little girl named Serena

At first impression Serena can seem like a woman superficial and a little frivolous, but in reality it is very intuitive, sensitive and receptive. She has a great one emotionality which he uses to seduce and fascinate others. It's a person idealist, dreamer, convinced that she can make a difference in her own small way to change the world. If she fails to find space to put her dreams of hers into practice and do something concrete to defend what she believes in, she risks living a life full of illusions and chimeras.

Serena is passionate, she is not satisfied with the routine, she needs adventures and emotions to give the best of herself.

Serena, therefore, even if she does not shy away from stability and concreteness, is a person who loves to discover what life can offer.

It has an approach positive and optimistic towards life and can often be disappointed by the confrontation with reality. You can be particularly fragile from a psychological point of view and be the victim of anxiety and moments of despair. The opinion of her family and the people she loves is important to her, so she will risk putting too much effort into trying to please others and be appreciated. She can't stand conflicts, she seeks peace in her world of hers.

What profession will Serena make? You will be attracted to all professions in the social world or in the humanitarian field, but also in politics. Furthermore, you can also find maximum gratification in professions related to the world of art, dance or music.

Zodiac sign

Serena's personality resembles that of those born under the sign of Pisces: dreamers, idealists, are at risk of disappointments and illusions.


Il blu is Serena's color, and echoes the intense emotions that characterize Serena's life.

Precious stone

La pearl it is Serena's birthstone because it represents intuition and sensitivity.

Lucky number

Il number 9 it is the symbol of a person who dreams of a better world and who strives to bring joy to help those close to him.

Famous people named Serena

  • Serena, Roman princess, granddaughter of Emperor Theodosius I
  • Serena Abrami, singer-songwriter el paesena
  • Serena Autieri, actress and singer el paesena
  • Serena Bennato, actress and the country
  • Serena Clerici, voice actor and villager
  • Serena Cruz, woman from the countryside, protagonist of a controversial non-criminal justice case
  • Serena Dandini, TV presenter and TV author el paesena
  • Serena Daolio, soprano and the village
  • Serena Deeb, American wrestler
  • Serena Grandi, actress and television personality el paesena
  • Serena Licchetta, gymnast and the village
  • Serena Michelotti, actress, teacher and painter el paesena
  • Serena Ortolani, volleyball player and the village
  • Serena Pellegrino, architect and politician for the country
  • Serena Rossi, singer, actress and TV presenter el paesena
  • Serena Scott Thomas, British actress
  • Serena Spaziani, actress, voice actress and director of the dubbing el paesena
  • Serena Vitale, writer and translator el paesena
  • Serena Williams, American tennis player

Song dedicated to Serena

We chose to the song of Amedeo Minghi entitled 1950: here is a short excerpt from the text

Serenella ..

The radio will broadcast

the song that I thought for you,

and maybe it will cross the ocean

away from us:

the Americans will listen to it just yesterday

they went away and in their flowered shirts

color our ways

and our spring days.

That smells of your hair !!

And your beautiful eyes

open wide to the future

and closed on me

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