Name for girl: Sofia. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Sofia name for girl

If you think about choosing the name Sofia for a baby girl, here is a small handbook. In the ranking of the names most chosen by the parents and the villagers, Sofia has continued to remain firmly at the top of the top ten for several years. Let's see what is the origin and meaning of the Sofia name for baby girl and what are the personality traits of girls who bear this first name.


Sofia celebrates the name day on September 30th, in homage to Saint Sophia, martyr to the city under Trajan, together with her three daughters, who were called Pistis, Elpis, Agape (translated into el village these names mean Faith, Hope and Charity).

Other dates are September 17th, May 15th or June 4th.

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Varianti el paesene

  • Al male: Sophia, Sophocles
  • Al female : Sonia

Foreign variants

  • English: Sophia
  • German: Sophya
  • French: Sophie
  • Russo: Sof'ja

Origins and etymology of the name Sofia

Sofia derives from the ancient Greek Sophia, which means "wisdom, wisdom ". Sofia is also the name of the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology.

The name Sofia became very popular in medieval times among European noble families.

Meaning of the name Sofia

It is a name that derives from the ancient Greek, literally it means wisdom, wisdom and is used for numerous terms, such as philosophy, that is "love of wisdom".

Spread of the name Sofia

In 2004 the name Sofia was placed in seventh position, according to ISTAT data, in the ranking of the most common names in the country, but in the following years it had a sharp increase and from 2022 it is the first name of the ranking of the most popular female names.

Personality of a little girl named Sofia

Sofia's character traits are complex, her nature is mysterious. She stands out for her intelligence, but also for her sense of humor and romance.

It's a person susceptible, interested in any form of knowledge, attracted to what she does not know. She has a contrasting nature: on the one hand Sofia is a communicative and outgoing person, she manages to talk and discuss every topic and interact with everyone, on the other hand she has an irregular mood, a reserved nature that can sometimes appear arrogant is indifferent.

When this part of her personality predominates, Sofia proves to be withdrawn and withdrawn. She sofia she fears of being betrayed, and for this reason she may lose confidence and show fear, but she is usually gifted with courage and recklessness: she can take up any challenge. Of her Yours temperament, therefore, it depends a lot on the environment and the atmosphere in which it is found, it can be fragile or provocative, courageous or distant. In any case, Sofia is endowed with a sense of responsibility, humor, ability to persuade.

That profession can Sofia play? She will be attracted to craft activities, in which she will be able to put her skills and her knowledge to good use. The professions in the world of fashion, design, architecture, decoration, audiovisuals are perfect.

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Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that best expresses Sofia's personality traits is that of the Gemelli. He loves movement and gets bored easily, needs change in all its forms and hates monotony. He enjoys traveling and has a creativity out of the ordinary. Geminis escape from everyday life and are prone to anxiety. Their best qualities are enthusiasm and spontaneity.


The color associated with the name Sofia is yellow: jovial and generous, yellow symbolizes the sun and reflects Sofia's nature, known for her good humor and selflessness. At the same time, yellow is also associated with desert and drought and refers to the solitary side of Sofia's character.

Precious stone

The stone associated with the name Sofia is theAmber, which refers to optimism. Amber is known for its ability to transform negative energy into positive energy, it also has positive effects on mental well-being and helps fight anxiety and stress.

Lucky number

Sofia's lucky number is 2, the number that best refers to the duality of his personality and his often contrasting character traits.

Famous and artistic characters named Sofia

  1. Sofia of Bavaria, Archduchess of Austria
  2. Sofia Charlotte of Bavaria, Duchess of Bavaria
  3. Maria Sofia of Bavaria, queen of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
  4. Sophia Dorothea of ​​Celle, wife of King George I of Great Britain
  5. Sofia Cacherano di Bricherasio, painter and philanthropist and villager
  6. Sofia Coppola, American director, screenwriter and actress
  7. Sofia Milos, naturalized Swiss actress el paesena
  8. Sofia Ventura, academician and political scientist el paesena
  9. Sophia Loren (stage name of Sofia Scicolone, actress el paesena)

Song dedicated to Sofia

The single "Sofia" by the young Spanish vocalist Alvaro Soler it was one of the biggest hits of the summer of 2022. A sunny, summery and danceable song, a hymn to life, to summer, to the joy and beauty of the name Sofia.

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