Name for girl: Valentina. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Name for girl: Valentina. Origins, meaning and curiosities
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Valentina, name for girl

Among the romantic female names that are not very common nowadays, Valentina is an interesting choice for those who want a village name and in some ways classic but not too inflated. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.

Name for girl: Valentina. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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In most cases Valentina celebrates her name day on 14 February, when St. Valentine is remembered, the patron saint of lovers and a well-known saint. However, there are also some saints called Valentina:

  • July 15, Saint Valentina, venerated in Nevers
  • July 25, Saint Valentina, martyr in Cesarea marittima with Tea and Paul under Maximian
  • October 24, Saint Valentina, martyr in Ephesus with Mark and Soterico

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Valentino

Foreign variants

  • French: Valentine
  • English: Valentine

Origins and etymology of the name Valentina

Valentina is the feminine form of Valentino, a name that derives from Valente. In Latin the cognomen Valentinus is considered a patronymic, therefore "descendant of Valente".

Meaning of the name Valentina

Some sources refer Valentina and Valentino to the patronymic meaning, therefore: "descendant of Valens”, While other sources give Valentina the same meaning as Valente, which derives from Valeo and means strong, vigorous, vigorous.

Diffusion of the name Valentina

Valentina's popularity has gradually and progressively decreased over the years. In 1999 they were called so well 3299 neonate and according to the ranking of the most popular names of that year, Valentina was even in theeleventh place, but in 2022 they were called Valentina only 556 girls.

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Personality of a little girl named Valentina

Valentina is a woman curious, who wishes to satisfy his growing thirst for knowledge by studying, researching and reading extensively, but also by asking for advice and information from people he deems reliable. He has one open minded, is sociable and is full of energy. His smiling side and his simplicity are appreciated in every field and everyone is enchanted by the good humor and optimism that he transmits.

Valentina is sweet and charming, she has no difficulty in capturing the attention of others, but is very selective in love relationships because she is looking for sincerity and stability.

Valentina prefers to think and think carefully before acting and he never makes hasty decisions: he has very precise principles that he never wants to betray even to reach his own target. However, she remains a fighter, a person who does not allow herself to be discouraged or held back by obstacles: she keeps hers promise and assumes its responsibilities.

What profession will Valentina make? It may be fulfilled in his life as a mother and wife, but they can also find gratification in the fields of sports, business and real estate.

Zodiac sign

Valentina's personality is similar to that of the natives of the Balance, known for its sweetness and kindness, for its innate elegance.


Valentina is associated with color blu, which symbolizes dreams, serenity and wisdom, but also refers to his profound loyalty and an incomparable joy of living.

Precious stone

Valentina's lucky charm is sapphire, a symbol of elegance and purity.

Lucky number

Valentina's number is 7, symbol of thirst for knowledge and completeness.

Famous people named Valentina

  • Valentina Arrighetti, volleyball player el paesena
  • Valentina Mikhailovna Borisenko, Russian scout
  • Valentina Cervi, actress and villager
  • Valentina Cortese, actress and the country
  • Valentina Frascaroli, actress and villager
  • Valentina Giovagnini, singer of the countryside
  • Valentina Lisitsa, Ukrainian pianist
  • Valentina Lodovini, actress and the country
  • Valentina Romeo, cartoonist el paesena
  • Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova, cosmonaut and Soviet politician
  • Valentina Vezzali, fencer and politician from the village

Song dedicated to Valentina

There are several songs to dedicate to Valentina, such as Cara Valentina by Max Gazzè or the famous Vai Valentina by Ornella Vanoni, but we have chosen the less known Mai, Mai, Mai Valentina from Giorgio gaber which does so

Mai, mai, mai

I will love

someone else after you,



Mai, mai, mai

I will find

eyes as beautiful as yours,

like the eyes

by Valentina ...

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