Name for girl: Veronica. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Veronica name for girl

Full name original feminine and not very widespread Veronica. If you are expecting a baby girl and you are drawing up the list of possible names for the baby, here is a complete guide on the origins, the meaning, the spread, the curiosities and the personality of who is called Veronica.


The name day can be celebrated in memory of various saints. For example the 13st January, in honor of Blessed Veronica Negroni da Binasco, a nun conversing in the Augustinian monastery of Santa Marta in the city, or the 9 July, in honor of Saint Veronica Giuliani, mystic, abbess of the Order of the Capuchin Poor Clares of the convent of Città di Castello. Finally, another possible date is 12 July, to remember Saint Veronica, the pious woman who wiped the face of Jesus with a cloth on the Via Crucis.

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Veronico
  • Female: Vera

Foreign variants

  • English: Veronique
  • Portuguese: Verônica
  • German: Veronika
  • Spanish: Verónica

Origins and etymology of the name Veronica

Veronica comes from the Latin form of the ancient Greek name Pherenike or Berenìke which means "bringer of victory ". The ancient Latin form Bernice, now Berenice, has been changed to Veronica by altering the original name referring to the association with the ecclesiastical expression "true icon", referring to the veil of Veronica.


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Meaning of the name Veronica

In the Christian era the name Veronica was born and spread in reference to one of the most ancient and well-known Christian relics, the Veronica's veil. According to tradition, the veil kept by Saint Veronica was used to wipe the sweat from the face of Jesus along the Way of the Cross and the shape of her face was imprinted on the fabric.

The meaning of the name Veronica, therefore, is on the one hand linked to the Greek origin of the name Berenice "bringer of victory" and on the other to its more Christianized version linked to the meaning of "true icon".

Spread of the name Veronica

The figure of Veronica, the Christian traditions linked to the relic, contributed to the spread of the name Veronica in Christian circles both during the Middle Ages and in the following years.

In the country it's not a very common name. If in 1999, 1660 newborn girls were called Veronica, in 2022 this name was chosen only by 432 parents and the villagers.

Personality of a little girl named Veronica

Veronica is a woman gifted with one strong personality which manifests natural strength and authority. She is generous, has a high moral sense and is demanding, calm and thoughtful, takes time to reflect before acting. It is discreet and of great charm.

Veronica may seem harder and more demanding than it actually is. He is hypersensitive and rather vulnerable, in the face of hostilities he prefers to withdraw and avoid clashes. She and yet she is a woman courageousproud and determined, she hates injustices, she knows how to assume her responsibilities. She has an innovative mind and sacrifices herself for a cause she believes to be valid. She is a woman from complex character: on the one hand she is self-centered and overbearing, on the other she is altruistic and idealistic.

Le girls who are called Veronica are wise, disciplined, reserved. Endowed with great autonomy, they love to engage in activities that allow them to find the right balance between themselves and the surrounding environment.

Veronica will be a woman ambitious, which will need to be recognized and admired. Emotionally demanding, she is faithful, loyal, honest, but requires the same commitment from her partner.

What profession will Veronica make? You will be attracted to professions that can help others, such as doctors, social workers, lawyers, but also from the world of finance and entertainment.

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Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that best represents Veronica is the Cancer, a contradictory sign, often associated with moody and complex personalities, just like Veronica is.


The color linked to the name Veronica is blue, the most relaxing color that exists, linked to the idea of ​​harmony, balance and peace.

Precious stone

Veronica's gemstone is it sapphire, the stone linked to spiritual research and the idea of ​​bliss.

Lucky number

The number associated with Veronica is nine. It is the number of opposites that come together in a complex and complete way, in a swing of conflicting feelings and emotions that characterizes the perennial search for fulfillment.

Famous people and artists named Veronica

  • Veronica Campbell-Brown, Jamaican athlete
  • Veronica Cartwright, British actress
  • Veronica Franco, poet and courtesan and villager
  • Veronica Gambara, poetess and villager
  • Veronica Guerin, Irish journalist
  • Veronica Giuliani, abbess, mystic and saint of the countryside
  • Veronica Lake, American actress
  • Veronica Lario, actress and the country
  • Veronica Pivetti, actress, voice actress and TV presenter el paesena

Song dedicated to Veronica

"Veronica Verrai" is the title of a famous song by Adriano Celentano from 1986. He dedicates it to a woman and an elusive and complex love. "You are the ideal accomplice
that during the storm, she comes to take refuge here, in my tool shed, but I want you more sunny ... more willing to walk, on the street and on the metro ... in front of everyone I will hug you "

Female names

  • Vittoria
  • Sofia
  • Greta
  • Adele
  • Noemi
  • Edge
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