Name for girl: Vittoria. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Name victory for girl

Of Latin origin, the Vittoria name for girl it is elegant, strong and feminine. A great classic that never ceases to fascinate new parents and villagers. Let's discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this female name.

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Vittoria: listen to the podcasto with meaning and curiosity about the name


There are many saints and blessed who called themselves Vittoria. Here are some dates on which Vittoria can celebrate her name day:

  • February 2, Saint Victoria, martyr
  • February 12, Santa Vittoria, martyr in Albitina
  • 10 July, Saint Victoria, virgin and martyr with Saint Anatolia in Sabina
  • December 23, virgin saint Victoria, martyr in the city under Decius

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Vittorio

Foreign variants

  • French: Victory
  • English: Victory
  • German: Victoria

Origins and etymology of the name Vittoria

The name Vittoria derives from the Latin term Victoria, from the feminine noun which meant "victory". But it can also originate from the name Victorius, that is Vittorio, of which it is the female version.


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Meaning of the name Vittoria

Coming from the Latin word Victoria, the name Vittoria means precisely, Vittoria.

Spread of the name Vittoria

According to ISTAT data, Vittoria is enjoying renewed interest from the new parents and the villagers. In 1999 680 girls were called this, while in 2022 there were 2431 newborn girls who were called Vittoria.

Personality of a little girl named Vittoria

Vittoria undoubtedly has a strong one personality: deeply compassionate and selfless, that's a lot sensitive and intuitive. This great sensitivity pushes her to fight for a better world and to defend the weakest. She is not interested in material goods, creativity, justice and family are important to her.

Vittoria will be sweet, innocent, but also hypersensitive, fragile, sometimes dependent and suggestible.

Its excessive idealism she easily collides with harsh reality and can cause sadness and irritability and could push her to withdraw into herself, in her dream world. The parents of little Vittoria, therefore, should provide her with support and love but also encourage her to be independent.

In love it is romancesensitive, tends to idealize those who love on all the risks of disappointment and disillusionment that this attitude entails.

What profession will Vittoria do? It can be very successful in the artistic or social streets. You can therefore become a teacher, social worker, consultant, sociologist, psychologist, but also a volunteer or make a career in the political world.

Zodiac sign

Lo Scorpio is the zodiac sign that can be associated with Vittoria's character: sociable, dynamic and ready to invest all their energy in their projects. Those born under the sign of Scorpio are not satisfied with mediocrity and aim for perfection.


Il red is the color connected to the name Victoria, the color symbol of love and passion, but also of dynamism and energy.

Precious stone

Il topaz is the gem associated with the name Vittoria: it is found in many colors and according to the ancient Greeks this stone could increase strength and the joy of living

Lucky number

Vittoria's lucky number is 6: symbol of harmony and balance.

Famous people and artists named Vittoria

  • Victoria of the United Kingdom, Queen of the United Kingdom and Empress of India
  • Vittoria Aganoor, poetessa el paesena
  • Vittoria Colonna, poet and intellectual and villager
  • Vittoria Della Rovere, Grand Duchess of Tuscany
  • Vittoria Di Silverio, actress and the village
  • Vittoria Lepanto, actress and the village
  • Vittoria Puccini, actress and the village
  • Vittoria Tesi, contralto el paeseno
  • Vittoria, daughter of fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni and rapper Fedez

Song dedicated to Vittoria

Victoria is a song of the Kinks from 1969, also re-proposed by others such as The Fall.

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