Name for girl: Viviana. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Viviana name for girl

Viviana is a female name of Latin origin which in the popular imagination is linked to the celebration of life. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


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The name day is celebrated on 2th December in memory of Saint Viviana or Bibiana, a martyr in the city, she was killed with lashes and thrown to the dogs during the last persecution of Julian the Apostate.

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Viviano

Foreign variants

  • French: Vivienne
  • German: Viviane
  • English: Vivian

Origins and etymology of the name Viviana

The name Viviana derives from the Latin imperial name Vivianus, from vivus ("alive", "having life").

Meaning of the name Viviana

The meaning of the name refers, therefore, to the very idea of ​​vitality and energy: she who is alive, or who has life

Spread of the name Viviana

Viviana is not a very common name in the country and over the years the trend has not changed particularly, indeed the name is increasingly rare: according to ISTAT data in 1999 309 little girls were called Viviana, while in 2022 only 84 newborn girls were called Viviana .

Personality of a little girl named Viviana

Viviana has a strong personality and bursting with energy and vitality from every pore: she is an energetic and authoritative woman full of courage. She is rather egocentric, often worries above all about herself and her own affirmation, however often this being a bit arrogant can hide a bit of fear of really revealing herself. Her personality manifests itself in different ways: in some moments she appears original, eccentric, in others reflective and cerebral. Viviana will always experience this dualism although in most cases its active and energetic side will predominate. Viviana is a woman determined, fast, often impatient. As a child she can be particularly sensitive, anger-prone, jealous, but she will also be gifted with a particular personal magnetism.

His greatest ambition is to be an example to others of shines and to achieve very high goals and to achieve its goals it is ready to make the necessary efforts.

What profession will Viviana make? She may be attracted to professions related to the business world, but also to free professions or professions related to action or power.

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Zodiac sign

La Balance is the sign corresponding to the name Viviana: lovers of the good life, elegant, they love to shine.


Il red it is Viviana's color, symbol of energy, vitality, passion.

Precious stone

Viviana's amulet is there pirite, whose name derives from the Greek pyr which means fire: it is a stone that helps to release energy, to increase one's economic wealth and personal energy.

Lucky number

Viviana's lucky number is8, symbol of infinity and protector of cosmic balance.

Famous people named Viviana

  • Viviana Antonini, showgirl and TV presenter el paesena
  • Viviana Ballabio, basketball player and sports manager of the village
  • Viviana Beccalossi, politics and the countryside
  • Viviana Durante, ballerina el paesena
  • Viviana Giordano, basketball player el paesena
  • Viviana Natale, actress and the country
  • Viviana Ortiz, Puerto Rican model
  • Viviana Saccone, Argentine actress
  • Viviana Schiavi, soccer player and the country
  • Viviana Sofronitsky, Canadian-born Russian pianist
  • Viviana Stucchi, singer the paesena
  • Viviana Susin, swimmer and the village

Song dedicated to Viviana

We propose a song of the Delta Spirit, indie-rock group, entitled Vivian.

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