Name for girl: Zaira. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Zaira, name for girl

Zaira is a female name not very common in the country, more well known in France. It is said that it was invented by Voltaire for the protagonist of his novel Zaire, even if it is already found in 1672 in a play by Racine; moreover it often recurs in oriental literature. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


Zaira celebrates her name day on 21 October in memory of Santa Zaira, martyr in Spain during the invasion of the Moors. Very little is known about her: it is hypothesized that she was a convertible Arab woman who suffered martyrdom of Christians after the arrival of the Moors in Spain.


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Varianti el paesene

  • Maschile: Zairo

Foreign variants

  • French: Zaïre
  • English: Zara

Origins and etymology of the name Zaira

Zaira originates from the Arabic word Zahrah, however the English forms Zara and Zaria do not necessarily have the same origin. The name of the village Zaira is the form of the French Zaïre.

Meaning of the name Zaira

The Arabic term Zahrah means "blooming flower", "the rose". But it can also derive from the ancient Hebrew with the meaning of "little queen".

Spread of the name Zaira

If in the UK version Zara of the name is quite widespread thanks above all to the choice by Princess Anna to call her daughter in this way, in our country it remains a fairly rare name. According to the data ISTAT in 1999 only 45 girls were called Zaira, while in 2022 this number increased to 80. In 2022 the name Zaira was placed at 297 th of the ranking of the most popular names in the country. However, it remains a widespread name especially in the Arab communities.

Personality of a little girl named Zaira

Zaira has a strong character, determined and energetic. She is a woman authoritarian who has spent the tendency of wanting to manage the lives of others: she requires a lot of herself and loves to lead by example. She is sincere, straightforward, loyal, but she really is little modest and she can tend to assume an arrogant and pretentious attitude that risks making her clash with others. You have, therefore, one strong and determined personality, at times decidedly self-centered, nevertheless does not skimp on generosity and loyalty. She is sensitive and does not like failure, she is proud, she loves to take matters into her own hands and is jealous and possessive.

Zaira, therefore, loves seduce, pleasure, command, collect admiration and appreciation. She hides, however, a romantic and tender soul with loved ones and is generous and charitable with those who, in her opinion, deserve it.

What profession will Zaira do? She will be attracted to the liberal professions, but also to positions of responsibility, as well as original and creative activities, such as fashion, art and design. She will also prefer professions that will allow her contact with the public and freedom of expression.

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Zodiac sign

The sign of the Fishes he is the one that comes closest to Zaira's character traits: dreamer, tireless, constantly changing.


Zaira's color is green, a symbol of tenacity and perseverance, but also of superiority and haughtiness.

Precious stone

Lo Emerald is the birthstone of Zaira: this gem is able to calm the emotions and at the same time awaken the artistic qualities, but also to keep the mind and body young.

Lucky number

Zaira's lucky number is 6, a symbol of a professional and professional arrival point and of completeness.

Song dedicated to Zaira

Here is the song Stand Strong by the Reggae artist Zhaira, Of 2022.

Stand strong like lion

Pray all day and night

and Respond with the love in your heart

To all that comes your way

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