Name for girl: Zoe. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Zoe, name for girl

One of the female names that have enjoyed an explosion of popularity in both America and Europe since the nineteenth century is undoubtedly Zoe. It is a very particular name with an exotic flavor. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of Zoe name for baby girl.


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The name day is celebrated on 2st May when Saint Zoe, martyr of Attalia, commemorated with her husband Espero and children Ciriaco and Teodulo is remembered, but there is also Saint Zoe, martyr in the city under Diocletian, who is commemorated on 5 July.

Foreign variants

  • English: Zoe, Zoey
  • French: Zoe
  • Spanish: Zoe

Origins and etymology of the name Zoe

The name Zoe comes from the Greek word ζωη (zoe), which means "life".

Meaning of the name Zoe

It should be noted that in ancient Greek two terms were used to define life.

  • βιος (bios), the "vita quam vivimus", that is, life of any kind, which has a beginning and an end,
  • life (zoé), the "vita qua vivimus", that which is thereessence of life.

So the meaning of the name is life in its deepest essence.

Spread of the name Zoe

Il name zoe was widespread in the Byzantine Empire (Zoe was also called a 'empress of the twelfth century, Zoe Porfirogenita) and is still common in theNibujon Christian. In Europe and in Anglo-Saxon countries it began to become more popular only from the nineteenth century. In the country, Zoe is experiencing a real explosion: according to ISTAT data on the most popular names, if only 1999 girls were called this in 62, in 2022 the absolute value was 548.

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Personality of a little girl named Zoe

Zoe is a person ambitious, independent and enterprising, who does not hesitate to take control of her life. It leaves nothing to chance, it is perfectionist and attentive to the smallest details. She is active and curious, attracted to discovery and often loves to carry out several activities at the same time.

Zoe has a natural ability to leadership and exerts great fascination on others, loves to give directions and motivate people to achieve their goals. Zoe is passionate and engages with soul and body in his activities, to the point of becoming, at times, arrogant and opportunistic.

Shunning monotony, Zoe is gifted with a profound practical intelligence, is methodical and has an excellent ability to adapt. AND' unpredictable, sometimes surprises with his whims and mood swings. She is very emotional and generous and sensitive: behind her her cold attitude hides her shyness and introversion and it is not easy to gain her trust.

Alongside Zoe, however, there is a positive atmosphere, of joy and energy.

What profession will Zoe do? You love to work in a team, you can be gratified by professions in the field of education and childhood, but also in the field of finance or in the arts.

Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign associated with Zoe is that of Gemini. She is curious, interested in her surroundings and extremely versatile and intelligent.


Il blu is the shade that best connotes Zoe's personality. This color represents intelligence, knowledge, loyalty and sincerity.

Precious stone

Zoe's nature-related gem is sapphire. This stone develops the sixth sense and promotes communication skills, it also evokes purity of feelings and fidelity.

Lucky number

Zoe's lucky number is1: undoubtedly represents his great leadership spirit.

Famous people named Zoe

  • Zoe Aggeliki, actress and model
  • Zoe Caldwell, Australian actress
  • Zoe Carbonopsina, Byzantine empress
  • Zoe Collins, British singer
  • Zoe Porphyrogenita, Byzantine empress
  • Zoe Fontana, stylist and artist
  • Zoe Incrocci, actress and voice actress el paesena
  • Zoe Kazan, American actress
  • Zoe Lofgren, US politician and lawyer
  • Zoe McLellan, American actress
  • Zoe Paleologa, wife of Ivan III of Russia
  • Zoe Telford, British actress
  • Zoe Ventoura, Australian actress

Song dedicated to Zoe

That's life!

And when you are on the ground, you will be on top again, you will see

Because everything will be fine because it is life

And in the end it is: it is life, it is life, it is life

That's life!

And when you feel your heart is broken, it's life

When no more words of love are said, it is life

You never know how it will go, because it is life, it is life, it is life

We chose the song C'est La Vie di Zoë, Austrian singer-songwriter and actress.

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