Name Isabella: name day, meaning, character and other curiosities

Name Isabella: name day, meaning, character and other curiosities

Name Isabella

Isabella is an ancient and very popular female name especially in the past centuries. It is the right choice for those who love names with a slightly vintage flavor. In this guide we discover the origin, characteristics and spread of Isabella name for baby girl.

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What is the origin of the name Isabella?

Isabella according to the main sources, it is a variant of the name Elisabetta which then transformed itself into an independent name.

Le origins of the name they are placed in the Middle Ages in Spain and Provence where the form prevailed Elizabeth which then became, in fact, Isabel.

If in many countries of the world Isabella coexists in a complementary way to the name Elisabetta, in Spain and Portugal Isabella has completely outclassed Elisabetta.

According to other sources, Isabella instead derives from Gezer, in turn taken from Ezbel.

Isabella name meaning?

The meaning of the name Isabella is different depending on its origins. If we accept the theory that it is a variant of the name Elizabeth then the meaning is the same: "God is fullness", or" God is my oath ".

According to the sources that trace the origin of the name to Jezebel then the meaning will be "lover of Baal" one of the main Phoenician deities.

Name Isabella: name day, meaning, character and other curiosities

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What is the spread of the name Isabella?

The name Isabella is very common especially in Provence, Portugal and Spain. Many queens and noblewomen have borne this name and her fame has also grown thanks to her massive presence in the literary field.

In el country Isabella is quite popular, especially in some regions: according to i ISTAT data relative to the most common names, in 1999 494 girls were called Isabella and in 2022 the absolute value was 619. However, the sudden explosion in popularity of the variant should be underlined Isabel: in 1999 only 123 newborn girls were called this, while in 2022 there were even 1199, to the point that Isabel ranks 33rd in the ranking of the most popular female names in the country, far surpassing the village Isabella.

When is Isabella's name day?

The name day is generally celebrated on 4nd June, in memory of Saint Isabella Maria della Passione, Poor Clare nun, daughter of the Marquis of Gibellina.

Isabella in the Bible

They were called Gezabel two women in the Bible.

The first, in the Old Testament, was Jezebel, queen of ancient Israel, a Phoenician princess who married Ahab, king of Israel, known for having introduced the cult of Baal and for having been killed by general Jehu.

In the New Testament, Jezebel is a prophetess from the city of Thyatira who was accused of encouraging church members to commit unclean acts and sacrifice idols.

Isabel and variants in other languages

The variants of the name Isabella are different. First of all, in el paeseno, it can be considered in some ways a compound noun and therefore his Hypochoristic are Bella and Isa.

In other languages ​​the most common variants are:

  • French: Isabella
  • English: Isabel
  • Spanish: Isabela

How is Isabella's character?

Isabella is one perfectionist: she likes that things are done well. She does not hesitate to show her generosity by helping those most in need. She is romantic, she needs tenderness and love.

Isabella is a woman passionate who is committed to everything he does and uses all energy to achieve his goals. She never acts lightly and is not instinctive: she prefers to think a lot about things before making a decision.

It has a great self control and certainly prefers to command rather than to be commanded. She has a very strong willpower and a determination that can sometimes make her appear aggressive, she reacts immediately in the face of wrongs and injustices, she does not like to wallow in failure, but she has a great spirit of resourcefulness that helps her in times of difficulty . AND' intransigent, but in the face of a just cause it gives all of itself.

Isabella is a woman understanding who knows very well how to maintain his relationships with others. She can easily resolve an argument using her diplomatic skills: she is honest and frank and leaves no room for hypocrisy. About her Yours creativeness it allows her to do great things, at the same time she is methodical and knows perfectly how to organize herself when she has a goal to achieve.

What profession will Isabella make? She will certainly excel in the world of sports, but she is also very creative so she can easily find gratification in the artisan or artistic professions.

What zodiac sign is associated with the name Isabella?

Isabella's character is similar to that of the natives of Aries: she is enthusiastic in everything she does, she is stubborn and impatient. She says what she thinks and she doesn't like to repress her feelings about her.

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What is Isabella's precious stone?

L'Amber is Isabella's precious stone and symbolizes her ability to calm down and maintain balance, amplify her artistic and intellectual abilities.

What color is associated with Isabella?

The orange it is the color that best represents Isabella's character: cheerful, dynamic, it stimulates a good mood.

What is Isabella's lucky number?

Isabella's lucky number is 9, a symbol of completeness, it helps her not to waste energy and to keep herself focused on achieving her goals.

What song should you dedicate to Isabella?

We have chosen the piece "Isa - Isabella" from Gli Alunni del sole of 1973, text by Paolo Morelli.

Famous people named Isabella

  • Isabella of Aragon, Duchess of the city, of Bari and Rossano
  • Isabella of Castile known as the Catholic, queen of Castile and León and first queen of Spain
  • Isabella of France, Queen of England
  • Isabella II of Spain, Queen of Spain
  • Isabella Andreini, theater actress, writer and poetess el paesena
  • Isabella Bossi Fedrigotti, journalist and writer el paesena
  • Isabella Colbran, Spanish soprano and composer
  • Isabella d'Este, patron and marquise of Mantua
  • Isabella Ferrari, actress el paesena
  • Isabella Rossellini, actress and model el paesena
  • Isabella Santacroce, writer el paesena

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