Newborn layette: what you really need

Newborn layette: what you really need

Newborn layette

When a baby is about to arrive, the parents-to-be begin to prepare the nest for the baby and buy everything needed for the baby. layette of the newborn. But what are the things we will not use may, and those that will force us to rush out to go and buy them? A small survival manual for new mothers: what it really takes to have a 'basic' layette for the newborn.

Beyond the things that relatives and friends will give you, what are the things that will really be exploited? And how can you prepare a low cost layette? In hindsight, I created mine perfect list: 'mine', because what has served me is not necessarily necessary for many other women; 'perfect' because it is purged of all the superfluous things that we still find ourselves in the house today and of which we do not know what to do.

Baby layette, sample list

Here is an example of a list of everything you need to buy for the birth of a baby

Newborn layette in hospital

Each hospital, before giving birth, it provides you with a list of things to put in suitcase: each structure will have its own preferences, so it will be necessary to strictly follow their indications. For example, in some facilities, such as the one where I gave birth, diapers, cleansing oil and wipes are provided by the inserters, as well as sanitary pads for the mother. In other hospitals, however, it will be necessary to take them with you. My hospital list, for the little girl:

  • Three you change suits (bodysuits, one-piece suits, or shirt + gaiters);
  • Socks and hat; - cover.

It is usually good to wash the clothes and place them in three bags, divided per day: this is very useful because if you are unable to give directions to the midwives, your partner can easily find the 'first day' bag and deliver it to the nursing home without fear. to be wrong.

Newborn layette: what you really need

Handmade layette | PHOTO

Handmade layette | Some ideas for the do-it-yourself layette: shoes, caps, etc.

Baby layette list, what to buy?

Choosing a baby's wardrobe can be fun, but since you don't know the size and weight of the baby, it's better to buy the essentials. Here is an example of baby layette list to buy. We advise you to keep the receipts so that you can change the clothes in case the baby is born premature or particularly large. Also avoid synthetic fabrics that can itch or irritate the baby's skin.

Handmade baby layette

Prepare layette for the newborn it will be even more exciting if Handmade. The garments take on a special value if the mother has committed herself during the nine months to personalize and make them. In addition, the do-it-yourself layette could be an appreciated gift idea if those who create it follow the wishes and tastes of the future mother. Some items of clothing lend themselves to being made by yourself: hats, shoes, hand-embroidered bibs, shirt of fortune, knitted cardigans etc.

Homecoming. First step

For the return home, you can proceed in two purchasing steps following: those to be done immediately, and those to be done after the baby is 5-6 months old.

Furniture and accessories:

  • Cot, or pram, or cot with reducer, according to your needs;
  • 1 mattress protector;
  • 2 Covers;
  • Sheets (if you use the crib, pillow cases will be sufficient);
  • Changing table with mattress;
  • Bath tub + reduction for babies;
  • 1 bathrobe with hood or towels;
  • Small towels

The more ... which was very convenient for us:

  • Angel care: it was given to us and made us sleep soundly
  • The bouncer, which has proved useful since the third month (one of the best purchases ever made);
  • The baby carrier (not everyone loves it, but for us it was very useful from the first month of life to six months. Alternatively, it can be replaced by the sling or the mei tai)


  • 20 Bibs (of these, in the first 9-10 months, there is never enough);
  • 10 underwear leotards;
  • 5 pajamas; (FIND OFFERS)
  • 5 chenille rompers, or t-shirt + gaiters (after three months I found them really comfortable);
  • 2 dolphins;
  • 6 thick baby socks

The more ... which was very convenient for us:

  • The sleeping bag, which is used instead of blankets and allows the child to always remain warm despite the movements;
  • The nursing pillow

Hygiene and change:

  • 2 packs of diapers; (FIND OFFERS)
  • 2 wipes (1 large and 1 small travel pack);
  • 1 natural shower gel / shampoo
  • 1 infant oil;
  • 1 natural sponge;
  • 1 hairbrush + rounded comb;
  • 1 rounded scissors

The more ... which was very convenient for us:

  • the pump for nasal aspiration (Narhinel);
  • physiological water;
  • the pacifiers with the pacifier pin (in case you want to use it)
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Homecoming. Second step 

  • the cot with bars, which can be positioned in two heights (so that it lasts up to three years of age), including a mattress;
  • the bumper;
  • cot sheets; (FIND OFFERS)
  • blankets for the cot or second size sleeping bag;
  • high chair with safety belt, equipped with tray;
  • box (which we received as a used gift);
  • baby food spoons (possibly soft, silicone)

We were very lucky: we hardly bought any dress, because we received many as gifts, used and new (which we in turn gave away). And then we received toys, bathrobes, bibs, towels, blankets ... even the baby carrier and angel care. If you have a lot of friends and relatives, after all, having a birth list can be useful, so you ask for useful things. In all, however, if you buy wisely, you need about 1200 euros

The things that are never enough for us?

Diapers and wipes, pajamas / jumpsuits, socks, washcloths and bibs. And then the dolphins to keep at home and the pants of the suit.

What I didn't buy and instead I needed it

The bottles and the necessary for artificial feeding (the sterilizer for the microwave, the disinfectant liquid and the pipe cleaner), which I had not the slightest intention of using, but which (unfortunately) I needed, given that my breastfeeding history it was not the happiest. My comfort in having the necessary, would have allowed me to spend less money for 'emergency' and to use the right product immediately.

Breastfeeding is clearly the right and healthiest thing we can do, at least for the first 6 months of a baby's life .... so I wish you no need for a bottle!

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