Newborn: Really useful buying guide

Useful purchases for newborns

While waiting, we will very often stop in front of certain shop windows full of delicious trendy dresses and full of details and small details, sometimes uncomfortable and absolutely not practical. And so also for all those little objects, items and furnishing accessories that in our opinion, the baby will not be able to do without. Before squandering the contents of the ATM in the layette, let's stop for a second and read this guide, where we describe the truly useful articles for the care and growth of our little one.

We found out we were pregnant, the two lines on that pregnancy test they filled our hearts and our imagination runs wild. We already imagine that little creature, we try to guess its sex and we see each other by the hand with a little prince or a little princess dressed in lace and lace. An advice? Before starting to prepare the layette let's wait a few months, maybe at the 7th or even the 8th month, also because we must remember that all the robina must be washed before letting the baby wear it, but wash it 6/7 months before and leave it inside a chest of drawers or a wardrobe. getting dusty doesn't make much sense. So let's not get caught up in a rush and wait quietly.

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Of course, if you want to prepare everything a little in advance, you are very good at doing it, everyone will do as they see fit and how they feel like doing. Surely as the pregnancy proceeds, relatives and friends will also start to make us little gifts and even if those tiny colorful and fashionable dresses are really nice and cute, we must know first of all that:

  • all the garments that our little one / in the very early days will wear, must be packaged with non-toxic materials, hypoallergenic, in batural fibers (cotton, linen, silk) and possibly of light color;
  • practicality and comfort must be the characteristics of her dresses; so even though those little shirts and jeans with buttons and zippers all over are lovely, we avoid forcing the child into unsuitable and uncomfortable clothing. There will be time to dress it in fashion, for now let's limit ourselves to good taste and comfort. So yes to jumpsuits that open at the crotch, bodysuits with a very wide head opening, jumpsuits with side clip buttons and so on;
  • don't buy lots of dresses because the little one will grow visibly and probably, as happened to me too, you won't even be able to make him wear everything what you bought him. From one day to the next it will have grown, and you will have to keep or give away the robot that you no longer use, practically new;

Baby on the way: what not to buy

A list of items that we can avoid for the arrival of a baby

  • even if it is true that children grow up very quickly it is absolutely wrong to buy rompers and outfits of an extra size (3 months) to exploit it a little more. The baby at birth needs to feel "contained" just as it was in the womb and finding himself swimming in a huge onesie certainly won't help him settle into the outside world. Rather let's just buy a few changes, for example 3 or 4 of size 0 and 3 or 4 of size 1 and, depending on the size of the baby, let's adjust on subsequent purchases. Let's also remember that often the weight and size estimated by the ultrasound are not exactly exact and a child who hypothetically had to exceed 4 kg, could reach a scant 3 kg, so let's not rely on ultrasound for purchases but rather use our good sense, and if there is, experience

What to buy for the baby's layette on arrival

  • For the hospital

If winter is upon us, we try to draw up a list suitable for winter pregnant mothers, those who will give birth to their baby in the cold.

Did we already have the hospital supplies list? In principle they will ask us 4/5 complete changes composed as follows:

  • cotton socks (FIND OFFERS)
  • long-sleeved cotton body on the skin
  • chenille / cotton onesie or headband / gaiter cover set
  • woolen dolphin-cotton cap
  • sheet and blanket (FIND OFFERS)
  • a few towels;

In any case, in order not to be caught unprepared and to be sure that we really have everything we need let us know carefully what they want in the ward: some in fact require diapers, others silk t-shirts (lucky shirt), still others ask you to bring a pacifier and so on. To keep the changes in order and ready, I recommend prepare transparent bags with the name of the child, which every morning (or evening, depending on the organization of the ward) are delivered to the nursery.

For my children I had made gods change bags in fabric quilted and aida cloth with the name embroidered, in the morning I delivered it to the nursery with a clean change and they gave me back the dirty change, which I kept in the transparent bags (the large bags for freezing food are very useful).

Of course we must remember to prepare too a change for discharge, made up like the previous ones, but with the addition of a padded baby bag or a padded jumpsuit. Useless and annoying shoes and gloves while mittens they can be useful to prevent the baby from scratching his face

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  • And for home?

We add to the shopping list a changing bag, usually supplied with the pram, gauze, cotton wool, everything necessary for the umbilical cord dressing (which they will tell us in the hospital), bottom and top sheet for cradle and pram ( at least 3 changes for each), pillow cases, some covers, some mattress covers, the necessary for the toilet, or two soft triangle bathrobes, mild soap (I recommend oat oil), scissors with rounded tips, cream zinc oxide, sterile egrets.

After buying the necessary changes for the hospital we make a census of the gifts received: surely there will be lots of rompers, lots of outfits and lots of colorful socks and bibs! For my third child who also used a lot of the little sisters' stuff, thanks to the numerous ragalini we received, I had to limit myself to buying some onesie "for whim". Those adorable onesies that we fall in love with passing in front of this shop and we MUST buy them at all costs and then I bought the underwear, that is body (maybe personalized), t-shirts and panties.

I believe that at least twenty complete changes are needed, if not more. In principle we consider that we must have the necessary changes to make up for any surprise of the baby, whether it is a regurgitation or that it is poop that overflows from the diaper and invades body, onesie etc. Of course we can't leave it dirty! And it is useful to know that a newborn gets dirty even 8 times a day with outbuildings and connected. And above all, let's remember that in winter the stuff will take a little longer to dry and maybe a few more changes can be useful.

How to organize the baby's room on arrival?

  • A wardrobe to store her clothes;
  • a chest of drawers with changing table and baby bath tub;
  • a cot with adjustable sides, hypoallergenic mattress and anti-suffocation pillow;
  • a baby carriage;
  • an egg for transport by car;
  • a pouch or sash or mei tai (FIND OFFERS)
  • a music box or mobile to hang in the cradle or pram to help the little one fall asleep more easily;
  • hot or cold sterilizer; bottle warmer; baby bottle; mini bottles; brush and pliers for cleaning; down filled comforter; bumpers; baby monitor; thermometer;

Baby layette: what not to buy

  • Dresses in synthetic fibers or of little-known brands, may not comply with safety regulations and be made with non-toxic materials;
  • dresses with buckles, laces, small buttons that the child can bring to the mouth and swallow;
  • very large dresses;
  • accessories such as jackets, belts, shoes and scarves
  • skirts, synthetic tights, high-necked sweaters;
  • playpen, high chair, toys: we will think of those later!

Hoping this list will be useful, I just have to wish you happy shopping !!!


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