Niccolò, Name for child. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Niccolò name for child

Niccolò, name for child increasingly widespread in the country, especially in Puglia, where St. Nicholas, bishop of Miranella Licia, died in 350 and called from Bari because he was buried in that city. Niccolò is a variant of the male name Nicola, but it has its own root and etymology. Let's discover the origins, the meaning, the curiosities about this name and the personality of Niccolò.


The name day of Niccolò is celebrated on 13 November in memory of San Niccolò I Pope, but it can also be celebrated on 6 December, the day of San Nicola.

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Nicola, Nicolò, Nico
  • Female: Nicole, Nicoletta, Nicla

Foreign variants

  • Greco: Nikólaos
  • French: Nicolas, Colin
  • English: Nicholas, Nick
  • Russian: Nikolai, Nikolaij, Nikita
  • Tedesco: Nicholas, Nicholas, Klaus

Origins and etymology of the name Niccolò

Niccolò is an el paesena variant of the name Nicola. Its origin is Greek: the name is composed of two words, nike, "victory" and laos, "people", so Niccolò means winner of the people.

The overall meaning of the term is "winner of (or among) the people". Niccolò registered its presence in the top 50 in the country of the most popular baby names only in 2001 and 2022. It is in fact less popular than the Nicolò variant.

Meaning of the name Niccolò

Niccolò literally means "winner of the people". It derives from St. Nicholas, who is the patron saint of the city of Bari and of Orthodox Russia, is the protector of sailors.
Santa Klaus is Santa Claus, so ours is in fact called Santa Claus in Anglo-Saxon countries and Northern Europe.


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Diffusion of the name Niccolò

Five Popes and an antipope called themselves Niccolò. Today in the town the name Niccolò is less common than its variant Nicolò. In some areas of the peninsula it is more common, such as in Puglia, but it remains a little used name. It ranked among the top 50 most popular names in the country only in 2001 and 2022, and in 2022 it was in 55th place in the ranking.

Personality of a child named Niccolò

Niccolò is an intelligent, stubborn and down-to-earth person. He sets goals and knows where he wants to go. He is a complex, courageous, energetic and virile man. Under this armor of a true tough, there is a sensitive and fascinating soul that tends to dominate.

E' shy, sometimes he worries about himself, questions his abilities, but he has an infallible will and these insecurities are swept away by the successes and results he manages to obtain.

In some areas it is rather drive: the lies, the fiction, the adulation, the injustice, are all things that can unleash his anger, even violent. Impatient and effective, he does well at quick execution, but he needs time to practice and practice what he learns and what he wants. He is not interested in theory but what can be applied in practice.

Niccolò can be fragile and susceptible, his emotionality can come out with anger and unexpected manifestations. His stiffness can sometimes be misunderstood: people may tend to see only his apparent toughness and not get to the bottom of his complex and sensitive personality. At school she loves applied disciplines, such as science, chemistry, physics and excels in sports.

Has a deep sense offriendship, love la la freedom and pleasure. His impatience can penalize him, because his feelings are often fiery and passionate. Thoughtful towards those he loves, trust, respect, freedom and authenticity are indispensable for him, in sentimental relationships as with friends. Niccolò will always prefer an unpleasant truth to a comfortable lie.

What profession can Niccolò play?? Will be attracted to professions where action, travel and movement will be present: e.g. a career in finance, commerce, education

Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that best represents Niccolò is the Lion. Strong-willed, courageous, stubborn and strong, just like him.


The color associated with the name Niccolò is purple red. The color of strength, of unbridled passion, but also of love and deepest friendship.

Precious stone

Niccolò's precious stone is the ruby, an amulet linked to blood, passion and love. It instills courage, energy and helps maintain concentration.

Lucky number

Niccolò's lucky number is 9, a dynamic and active number. Its meaning in numerology refers to liberation, trust, perpetual evolution.

Famous people and artists named Niccolò

  • Niccolò Paganini, musician and composer
  • Niccolò Ammaniti, writer
  • Niccolò Fabi, songwriter
  • Niccolò Machiavelli, writer
  • Niccolò Abbagnano, philosopher
  • Niccolò Tommaseo, man of letters

Song dedicated to Niccolò

For Niccolò we decided to dedicate a 2006 song by the singer-songwriter el village Niccolò Fabi. The title is "Building", a hymn to the desire to always build, never give up, "because building is knowledge and power, it is giving up perfection"

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