Nice things to do to celebrate dad

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How to celebrate dad

March 19 is approaching and maybe you are still thinking about how to celebrate the next Father's Day. Maybe you want to make an original gift, prepare a truly unique dinner or organize a trip with the whole family. In short, how to celebrate dad?

The real question is, actually, what would dad really be happy about? It is useless to faint to buy him a perfume or another expensive gift if we know well that what really matters is the thought. A special thought dedicated to those we love, a drawing made by children, a poem, a song, a job, his favorite dish.

We see some idea to celebrate dad in the best way.


Nice things to do for Father's Day

Crafts, recipes and videos: many ways to celebrate Father's Day

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Father's Day 2022

First of all, why is it celebrated on March 19 and what are the traditions and history related to this special day? On March 19, the Church remembers St. Joseph, the putative father of Jesus, in fact the most authentic and pure symbol of the father figure, the one who welcomed the mystery of the birth of Jesus and raised him as his son. On this special day it is right to remember your father and celebrate all together with a chore for him, a dinner with his favorite dishes or by organizing a family evening watching films featuring special fathers.

This year Father's Day happens to Friday, therefore it is very likely that the father is not at home and it is not possible to organize a family outing (also due to the limitations due to the pandemic), but we can still prepare ourselves in the afternoon in order to welcome him with a gift when he returns from work and to spend an evening of pampering together.

And let's not forget that in the weekend preceding March 19th (but also the following one) in many parts of the country, events, events and activities are organized for fathers and their children and maybe we could take the opportunity to give to the whole family a trip out of town (if possible) for celebrate on the weekend.

DIY gifts for dad

Putting your imagination and creativity to good use is the best way to make a truly original gift. Children will have fun making a small job that will then be packaged in a nice gift box.

Here is where to find many ideas and ideas for creative gifts.

For example, on the Net we find many pdf and template that can be downloaded and printed for free to create personalized cards, or to create, step by step, an original pencil holder, a frame where to put the child's photo, a bookmark and much more. After all, it does not matter that the result is perfect because what matters is to do it with love and commitment.

And we also have lots of ideas and tutorials for making crafts truly unique: for example, personalize a cup or glass with colors and drawings, or with a nice phrase or make a paperweight or other object in terracotta or salt dough with the imprint of the children.

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A gift for dad

If we know that there is an object that dad really wants, March 19th is the right occasion to please him. But since the gift is perhaps a bit impersonal, make it unique by placing a card next to the box with a poem or words or a drawing made by children.

If you don't want to spend a fortune you can always opt for one original gift like a personalized mug, a shirt with a funny writing, a smartphone cover etc ...

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A greeting card for dad

If you want to find a nice greeting card for dad under your pillow on the morning of St. Joseph's day or under your napkin at dinner, here are many ideas for printing and coloring simple cards.

On the Net you will find a myriad of templates to print for free and in some cases, for a more impactful and demanding result, you can choose tickets to be printed on cardboard and assembled.

A special recipe for dad

Finally, if the father in question is a very greedy type, we can opt for the preparation of a dessert or a special dinner. For example, we could prepare biscuits with which to "write" a message or sweet wishes, or the inevitable zeppole, the typical fritters of San Giuseppe, which are also available in other ways, such as sfinci or bignè di San Giuseppe.

The important thing is to prepare a dinner that represents a unique opportunity to be all together and to chat and celebrate.

Ideas for Father's Day

The best way to experience Father's Day is to be together, even better by treating yourself to aexperience particular and different from usual. If possible in your region, many museums and art venues offer events for fathers and children, from the construction of space objects to art workshops, from treasure hunts to cooking tests.

Or you can give an on the road experience aboard a vintage car: with Slow Drive you buy a gift voucher valid for 12 months thanks to which you can rent a vintage car in one of the locations (the city, the city, Parma, Lake Garda, Lake Como, Padua, Florence, Savona and Verona).

How to celebrate the first Father's Day

La first Father's Day, like that of the mother, it is a special moment for the whole family and certainly does not go unnoticed. How can we experience this anniversary in a special way?

  • Have breakfast in bed all together: it is wonderful to cuddle yourself in the bed with your baby, but you can do more, bringing a nice basket with many delicacies to bed to start this special day in the best possible way;
  • Do a little photo shoot to child and father to create, then, a picture with frame;
  • A decidedly alternative way to spend this holiday is to ask the grandmother to take care of the baby for the pomeriggio and invite dad to do what he wants, a couple walk or a romantic afternoon at home.

Video: Father's Day Card

Anna Nicole Smith, ours Mammaacs, has created a card for Father's Day that is a bit magical: the wording "wishes dad" in fact changes color. Here is the videotutorial to make it step by step with the children.

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