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If on the big screen he has accustomed us to the most diverse and intense interpretations, it is difficult to imagine one Nicole Kidman excitedto tears in front of a reporter. In fact, in her public appearances the star has always shown a rather cold and detached attitude; but this time his mother's heart she succumbed to a genuine thrill of joy when it came to talking about her second pregnancy. Almost two months after the birth of her second child, the Australian actress has in fact decided to talk about a choice that she has made to discuss. Because of his fertility problems, in order to become a mother a second time, the actress entrusted herself to the practice of assisted procreation.


Pregnant VIPs at the Oscars

The pregnant stars in the history of the Oscars

It is therefore thanks to a "rented uterus" that little Faith Margaret was born on December 28; the birth took place on December 28 in a hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, but initially the star did not want to make any statements about it. A few days ago, however, in an interview on Australian TV, the actress found herself talking with an open heart about her fertility problems and the experience of assisted pregnancy.

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"Anyone who has tried having a baby knows the disappointments, grief and sense of loss of struggling with their fertility," said the Moulin Rouge! Star, who in 2007 confessed to having had two abortions during her marriage to. Tom Cruise. Given the impossibility of having biological children, the couple had at the time adopted two children, Connor and Bella, who are now 16 and 18.

Faced with the difficulties of conception, Kidman is the present marito Keith Urban they decided to rely on one gestational carrier because “we desperately wanted another child, I couldn't get pregnant and this opportunity arose”. The actress was therefore able witness the birth of her baby girl, an experience that he did not hesitate to define as “deeply emotional, moving”. 

Kidman spent words of extreme gratitude to the woman who lent herself for the pregnancy: "The love I feel for the surrogate mother, the most wonderful woman, who did this for us ... I'm just moved to talk about it, because I am so grateful to her ”.

Taken with excitement, the star even pulled out her iPhone and proudly as a new mother showed a tender photo of the new arrival along with Sunday Rose, the daughter she had two years ago after a natural pregnancy. It is perhaps also to give a playmate to the latter, that the actress has sought in every way a second child.


Pregnant VIPs at the Oscars

The pregnant stars in the history of the Oscars

Kidman has repeatedly talked about the strong bond that binds her to hers younger sister, and he probably did not want to deny his first child a similar presence in his growth: "I wanted Sunday to have a little sister, or a little brother, with whom to grow up, play, read books and develop a sense of mutual protection," she said.

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During this time Nicole Kidman is very busy playing the role of mother both in real life and on the big screen. In fact, on February 27th we will know if the interpretation of her in Rabbit Hole it will bring her the second Oscar of her career. Strongly desired by the actress, who is also its producer, Rabbit Hole is a film that addresses the painful theme of a couple who find themselves mourning their 4-year-old son, who died in a car accident.

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