Nightmares of babies and children: how to deal with them

Un neonate up to 4-5 months yes Wake-up calls every 3-4 hours usually in Tears e screaming is preferably used for fame. From six months onwards, however, the lunghezza of sonno extends, even up to six hours and so on over from then on. But from the first semester di "vita", however, in addition to the normal ones awakenings the nightmares and more tardi, from the year onwards, the so-called pavor nocturnal.

How to distinguish then in a simple awakening, the bad dreams and attacks di panic during the sonno? First of all it is not needed be alarmed, none of the three options is a sign of a pathology, but it can be in some cases of a discomfort. Let's go step by step.

Meanwhile, it is tried by several studies and the two children on ten five to 20 months have problems a sleep uninterruptedly all la notte, a percentage which decreases with increasingage. THE awakenings, however, they can be of different types and those who surely can worry more i Parents they are the ones who provoke yell out, cry and states of discomfort e restlessness intense. In this case it can be a nightmare or the terror nocturnal (pavor).

THEnightmare manifests itself in the phase Rem of sonno, usually in the former ore of morning when i dreams, and is very common in the Early childhood and up tostart dell 'school age. Usually the child He wakes up agitated and search comfort between arms of the Parents.

Il nocturnal panic, instead, it occurs in the full area of notte, in Deep sleep and it looks like a real one attack di panic. It is not even a real one awakening, but of arestlessness, with yell out, breathing breathless, movements, open eyes o tightened, but which occur while the child still stands in fact sleeping and for this it does not react to stimuli of the surrounding world. The terror night, therefore, it must be managed in a different way fromnightmare.

It is best not to try to to wake up il small, which may not understand the because of awakening and scared faces around him. Even if you find it sitting on bed or piedi, wait for some minute and everything will come back to normality and the "sonnambulo" to sleep deeply.

- nightmares or pavor they are often caused from a special event di fondo, as a cultural, di routine, the beginning ofasylumand school, for an litigation, the stress in family or a separation. The important thing, to avoid the awakenings, is first of all try to to live with peacefulness the phases close tofalling asleep and create, as much as possible, one routine, for an ritual accompanying the small towards a sonno calm.

In the case of the nightmares, then, we must try to converse with the small to understand the causes triggers or what dreams.

But what do, on the other hand, when one witnesses one crisis da pavor? Even if it seems complicated, the thing top is not to do nothing, Not touch il child, but try to avoid that you do male, don't try to wake because it could be a trauma, but at the most speak quietly and with tones bassi.

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