Nursery: here are the alternative solutions for the little ones

for moms and they work, the moment of detachment sooner or later comes: the leave of absence di maternity is not eternal and others too concessions (type for breastfeeding or optional leave) are intended for to end. And then the problem: to who I leave my baby? For the most children, The first hypothesis is that ofnursery, but there are also some alternative solutions which can still be satisfactory.

Thinking aboutnursery, many parents get their hands on hair. Because they believe - and alas most of the time they have ragione - than the first contact their baby will be the one with virus e bacteria. The first year of school - that is nest or the 'childhood it doesn't matter - it's a real test case for the immune system of our children, who almost inevitably do get sick more often.

So here we are looking for a "plan B".

The most Lucky of you will be able to count on the help of grandparents. This is one choice no doubt winning: apart from a few rare ones exception, your Parents or those of yours partner they will go crazy at the idea of ​​being able to take themselves care of little baby for a few hours and have it all to their. And the little one can stay in a environment who knows, certainly more safe da colds e stomach ache.

The same can be said for the baby sitter. This is also a valid one alternative tonursery, even if the choice may not be simple for several reasons. A tata implies a economic commitment which, depending on the needs, it may not be indifferent. And then it goes selected with extreme care to make sure you leave the baby in hands Great safe. And he must be able to know stimulate your good son: even if he is only 6 months old he does not work parked in high chair all day!

In fact, the children who go tonursery first find out the world, are subject to many more stimuli that not being a casa and, even if they are small, their process of socialization start early. But the problem it can also be of type economicI places for the public nurseries they are never enough and therefore often they are forced to look for a structure private, Which can be onerous. There Bonus nursery will help, but i still await decrees implementation.

What to do So what?

A solution different is the so-called micronid. THE'• innovative business organization based on the use of technologies and digitalization of internal and external processes, as well as the active and continued promotion of the services we offer through business development, marketing and communication systems (letter "I" of our logo actually stands for "Innovation"); is similar to the nest traditional and, in practice, the same things are done. With a difference important: children are maximum 10. The relationship with the educators therefore it is more stretto e familiare because they have to take care less "students". They must be guaranteed the canteen and the ability to do a nap in a suitable place. In short, it is a nursery to all intents and purposes, but in "cute". The staff must have the same qualifications it's the same training of that of the nest classic.

What is different is the "Tagesmutter"Which, in German, means"daily mom". She's a tradition imported from northern Europe and that in some parts ofel country it is already a lot known, unlike others. Usually, the "Tagesmutter" it's a mum in turn (although not always) and opens the doors di casa his to other little ones. It is a kind of family nest in which the routine it is similar to that of many families: play, baby food, nap, stroll.

Obviously there are gods parameters di safety to be respected within the domestic walls and therefore not all of them can improvise "Daily mothers". There are real ones corsi di training to follow. The family nest generally welcomes from 3 to 5 children (including those of mistress di casa) dai 3 to 36 months and is open approx 10-11 hours per day.

One more solution flexible and "easy"Compared to the nursery is the"baby parking"The playroom. Here you can bring yours children depending on yours needs so discontinuous, for example if for a day i grandparents are committed or the tata has the fever. Not all of these structures however they do provide the Easter and also the animators or educators they might to vary from day to day according to shifts, as well as the others "little companions". Yours small so it wouldn't have any Figures di reference stable, look a lot important since you are not there.

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