Nursery, what are the pros and cons of this choice


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Nursery yes, nursery no. It is truly a Shakespearean dilemma that affects many parents before making a definitive choice. Leaving your little ones, so tender and defenseless, in kindergarten makes your heart tighten, but often you can't do otherwise. The work rhythms are too intense and concern both mom and dad and if you can't count on super grandparents, the real heroes of the contemporary world, or on Mary Poppins' versions of the village, the choice inevitably falls on nursery schools.

In an intuitive and somewhat generalized way, we can group the negative aspects of nesting into some main areas. The probable if not certain illnesses, the painful detachment from mom and dad, the obligation to endure something they don't like and not yet have the tools to understand and analyze the situation. Hence a certain amount of nervousness and a sense of frustration in the child. 

Nursery and disease

On the side of diseases, caused by greater exposure to flu, viruses and germs, the only advantage is the strengthening of the baby thanks to an immune system that gradually strengthens. Certainly, however, you will be shattered to see him suffering in a number of times much greater than expected. And, being so small, it won't be easy to understand the level of that suffering. Furthermore, if you have chosen a nursery for work needs, you will have to take holidays and leave very frequently. 

The separation from mom and dad

The separation from the parents can be experienced in a traumatic way by the child, who will hardly understand the reason for a choice so painful for him. In this case, one must be convinced that the right thing is being done, one must demonstrate serenity and calm. Only in this way will he or she feel a state of tranquility without tension and avoid the torment of wide-eyed eyes in tears (and I am talking about those of the parents).

The advantages of choosing a nursery

Beyond why, however, choosing a nursery also has very important positive aspects for the child's growth and relate to socialization, quick adaptation to the rules, a more developed sense of autonomy and faster sensory development through built games. ad hoc for his tender age. The interaction with other adults (the educators) also accustoms them to trust and follow those who will take care of them instead of mum and dad with professionalism and preparation.

At what age to start

The disputes over the choice of a nursery also concern at what age it is appropriate to face the insertion. There are, in fact, supporters of a softer timeline where it is advised to wait at least 18 months, 20 for only children. In any case, there are those who propose a very gradual insertion and those who, on the other hand, already suggest the nest at 6/8 months, immediately after weaning. This is provided that the parents - especially the mother - are convinced that this choice is truly an opportunity.

The transition from family intimacy to a social dimension is possible even in the smallest children and the educational methods used should be shared and in line with what is experienced at home. On the other hand, the discomfort of the parents will be perceived by the child becoming the first, great disadvantage of a choice in favor of the nursery.

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