Oral hygiene in children: when and how to start

lavare i teeth, brush them, fare i movements just for clean them, use the instruments (toothbrush and toothpaste) suitable to ciascuna age. It is never too much presto to start to wonder how to safeguard theoral hygiene from our children. The belief, too much widespread, that the teeth da XNUMX cups milk are not so import anti, in fact, it must be debunked and so deciso. And it must be done step after step, because step by step it is necessary Inseparare ai small how to take care of the teeth da XNUMX cups milk and of those definitive. But when iniziare? As? What use? Here are some brief ones indicazioni for a oral hygiene fun, but effective.

Already before area of comparsa of the first teeth and beforeyear di age there are little ones precautions that Parents can use to help the health andhygiene area of mouth: pass, for example, a gauze sterile soaked in water on gums after i Easter to delete the residue guarantees good hygiene oral even to most people children.

I teeth of the children I am particularly sensitive caries, because in those from XNUMX cups milk lo enamel It is not so forte as in those of adults. Furthermore, the caries in teeth da XNUMX cups milk have a impact directed on those too permanent, which consequently come weakened.

So give avoid absolutely habits such as'use di ciucci e Tetta Relle with honey e XNUMX/XNUMX cup sugar, or again, the XNUMX cups milk in bottle used as pacifier to andare a sleep. questi behavior, in fact, they can put a risk i teeth with the increase of bacteria e sugar that facilitate the training di caries.

Al fulfillment of a year di age, When the small to keep in hand lo brush, the first thing to do is point on 'imitation and on game. Space then touse the brush, without toothpaste yet, morning e will be. a game will also be there choice of this tool for correct hygiene oral: there are colorful and funny, with characters of the cartons animated and suitable for all bands di age. They have to be strictly soft and with heads rounded.

At this stage it will have to be the parent a to drive il son in movements, maybe pretending to to brush i teeth al puppet favorite or playing to race byauto with the brush "From formula one" that whizzes between the obstacles. IS important in this period create thehabit andemulation: therefore the whole family together with wash i teeth, young and old.

La third phase is what goes on 2 ai 4 years, where it is crucial learn i movements correct for raggiungere also teeth more in fondo. Now you can use the toothpaste suitable, with bass content of fluorine. In this period, among the most delicates, child has become autonomous and gesture di to wash i teeth it must be part of his habits daily.

Other notice important in terms of oral hygiene: remember that the first visit from dentist he must not occur when a disorder, but much before. Already around the two years can serve for to understand if the child he is working well on his own teeth and if, if so, they are insurgents also of the possible problems of occlusion area of mouth, which at this stage are easily remediable, or of caries: they also exist forms rather precocious.

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