Original ways to document pregnancy

How to document pregnancy

When you are expecting a baby, you have a tendency to take lots of photos to fix the memories. But how to document pregnancy in an original and creative way? The possibilities are many.

With new apps and new technologies we can create mini videos simply using our smartphone, or create a sequence of photographs always in the same pose that show how the pregnancy progresses.

We offer you some truly original ideas for documenting pregnancy.


Ways to document pregnancy

Curious and fun ways to document pregnancy

  • The calendar

Il first way to document pregnancy is to track on a dedicated program , of the real size of the belly. How? Using an accessory like this where we can draw the shape of our belly from month to month, to notice the differences and keep their memory.

But we can also use a very special meter. It is called Mommy Measure and is a kit complete with meter and to measure how the baby bump grows, heart stickers and notes to write down experiences, feelings, thoughts.

  • The cast of the belly

Il second way, extravagant and very American but probably also very funny, is to make a real cast of the belly, to remind us concretely how we were during pregnancy, when we will remember that period with affection. With accessories such as the Belly Cast Kit it is possible to “solidly” capture any moment of pregnancy, coloring it, painting it or decorating it as desired.

  • Paint the baby bump

Il third way is even more particular: it involves photographing the baby bump, but not as we already know how to do, but giving it a well-deserved touch of art and creativity, as proposed by the Embody site: in fact, make-up artist Julia Francis is also a body painter, which has long specialized in creating fantastic works of art with and for pregnant women.
The background from which this strange and fascinating reality is born is interesting and curious: Julia ten years ago, ventured into her art as a body painter on a pregnant friend; the enthusiastic reaction of the latter convinced her to transform the occasion into a real specific activity, inspired by the mystery and sweetness of her pregnancy. Since then, many women all over the world have gone to Julia to make their pregnancy absolutely unique and to immortalize it by posing in unprecedented photographs, as real naturally artistic subjects.

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  • Photographing the belly

Il fourth mode is the most classic: photographing the belly as it is, but focusing the attention on his metamorphosis, therefore remembering to take one photo a day throughout the pregnancy. Then placing the photos one after the other in a row, you can review the evolution of the baby bump as if on a film ready for a movie.

Also nice is the idea of ​​creating a small documentary in slow motion. Take an example from Jeremy Plemon who posted the videos he made on his Youtube channel. There are many apps that you can use to create your own documentary.

  • Create a pregnancy book

Il fifth way it's actually a tip to organize (almost) everyone else: fill in a Photo album, real or virtual, focused on motherhood and on our figure as a woman who becomes a mother. Photographs taken normally, those focused on the baby bump, possibly those after body paint and any other image we can think of to document our sensations and emotions during the beautiful, but also complex, period of pregnancy and subsequent motherhood, will populate an enchanting album, which will one day be a very welcome memory.

The most creative can also create a scrapbook where you can creatively and personally insert ultrasound scans, photographs, annotations, thoughts and other memories of pregnancy, divided by week or month by month.

Original ideas for documenting pregnancy
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