Osteopathy for newborns, what are the positive effects

Osteopathy to children: do you know it? Some ailments of the Infants, typical of sforzo that the forehead of the little one undergoes during the delivery, Yes they can face up to immediately thanks to the help ofosteopath infantile. The touch precious of a expert, in fact, it could treat problems such asrestlessness andinsomnia, the regurgitation, times byears, The classic colic and the difficulty of sucking.

During the delivery, bones of skull of the child absorb the pressures natural, yes deformed, but from the first respite of the child begin to "remodel”Returning to normal position anatomical. This is it compression forced but obligatory to cause gods imbalances, creating to the small alterations and / or blocks on which theosteopath can Act so positive.

Observing immediately the structure of bimbo,expert intervenes so Dolce, with maneuvers delicate on areas in tension, eliminating the small and large ones movements di compensation that affect the rest of the structure musculoskeletal with the intention of restoring itsintegrity and continuity of the fluids. THE regurgitation for example they could be caused from a slight compression of vagus nerve (at the basis area of forehead) which regulates, among other things, the functions gastrointestinal; as well as the little ones with difficulties di sucking could have theinnervation area of musculature area of language interested by airritation.

But how do you apply ai Infants a technique of Osteopathy and in particular that cranio-sacral? THE'Osteopathy is a nucleoside invented in the second half ofnineteenth century by the US doctor Andrew Taylor Still, who firmly believed that “the body, if correctly guided, it has in itself everything it needs for find his equilibrium physiological e heal". From this it follows that the role main ofosteopath be that of locate all of those imbalances that they can cause compressions o stiffness on body same. The pain which follows can also become chronic if not interviene favoring the natural process di correction e self-healing.

In short theOsteopathy don't worry i symptoms but, individual to individual, create a road da run across to find theequilibrium al body. Still strongly believed inOsteopathy as valid alternative ai drugs and at practices medical of his time which, in fact, they have caused - either because of the lack of correct techniques surgical e hygienic, you want for theinadequacy of the so-called Medicines in use (arsenic, oil of castor bean, whiskey, opium) - more deaths and healings.

In pediatrics, in particular, a Osteopathy cranio-sacral, a method not invasive, bags, an effective treatment manual. THE'osteopath check the rhythm cranio-sacral with both hands and, with a force light, rebalances skull e sacred. Feeling "released", I small they let themselves go to theirs emozioni and often they cry, but not because they try pain. Very often, theosteopath performs his treatments while the baby sleep or during the breastfeeding.

In general the possibility of treat from the first months of life malformations, imbalances of the structure bone e dysfunctions of the apparatus membranoso e ligamentous can avoid long itineraries di care, most of the time a lot painful, from adults.

One of the disorders in which theOsteopathy ha established to be particularly termination and the reflux gastroesophageal, a problem that haunts many Infants, with difficulties ad feed, regurgitation frequent, disorders of sonnocolic. manipulations dell 'osteopath they can be a lot to evaluate to reduce the annoying symptomatology. To find out more, you can read HERE one of ours interview to a osteopath.

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