Paternity leave, 2022 days confirmed in 10


  • 1 Who is entitled to paternity leave
  • 2 When can you take paternity leave?
  • 3 Paternity and maternity leave
  • 4 Paternity leave and salary
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From 2022, the mandatory 10-day paternity leave becomes stable. It means that it will not be necessary to renew it or modify it from year to year, even if the study has the possibility of gradually bringing it up to 3 months to make sure that the new fathers can stay more with the newborn babies and, above all, supporting female partners after childbirth. Let's see in detail what happens starting next year.

Who is entitled to paternity leave

Paternity leave (both compulsory and optional) is valid for employees in the private sector. The discipline for the public one is still pending.

When can you take paternity leave

Paternity leave can also be used for the adoption or fostering of a child and, since 2022, it has also been extended to a dramatic event such as perinatal death. It must necessarily be taken (even on a non-continuous basis) within the fifth month of the child's life or within 5 months of the child's entry into the family in the case of adoption or foster care.

Paternity and maternity leave

Compulsory paternity leave is additional to maternity leave, so parents can benefit from it at the same time. The case of optional leave is different, i.e. a day off work that the new father can only take if the mother gives up one of her days off. 

Paternity leave and salary

The employed father who takes the compulsory or optional leave period loses nothing in terms of salary. For the days in which he does not go to work, he is entitled to a daily allowance paid by INPS equal to 100% of the salary received.

When applying for paternity leave

In cases of direct payment by INPS, the application is presented online to the social security institution through the dedicated service or by contacting a patronage. If, on the other hand, the allowances are anticipated by the employer, the employees must notify him 15 days in advance in writing of the use of the leave, without the need to submit an application to the social security institution. For example, if it is requested to coincide with the birth, the notice must be calculated on the basis of the expected date of birth. 

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