Poems about pregnancy and childbirth to give to the future mother

Numerous studies have shown that the fetus loves to feel the mom's voice when she is in her belly and after birth, reading a poem aloud holding the baby in her arms helps to calm and reassure him.
La voice it does not have the same beneficial effect as a stranger.


So why not give the future mother, but also to those who have just given birth, one poetry, some verses or one prayer?
It will make her happy, it will move her and after that birth you can dedicate these verses to your child.

Here are the most exciting lines

from the day I felt in me
the hope of a new life, I feel
a renewed love for you and for your creative work.
The certainty that you are watching over my baby
with exquisite goodness and love
it makes me calm while waiting.
You who know my creature, do that too
may know and love it deeply
to rejoice in his innocence e
accompany him on the path of good
Make me aware of the immense wealth
of this waiting period.
Help me to live in harvest and peaceful confidence
this exhilarating adventure of your providence
taking place in my womb.
May your mother, Maria, give me
for this commitment his faith,
his courage, his Love.
So be it.

Prayer of a mother expecting a creature

of Santa Maria Francesca

Lord I pray to you with love for this sweet hope that I hold in my womb;
I humbly thank you for choosing me the instrument of your love.
In this waiting, help me to live in continuous abandonment to your will
Grant me a pure, strong, generous heart.
To You I offer the worries that already make me restless: anxieties, fears, desires for the creature that I do not yet know.

Let her be born healthy in the body, remove from her every physical evil and every danger for the soul.
O Mary, you who know the ineffable joys of a holy motherhood,
obtain for me a heart capable of transmitting a living and ardent faith,
sanctify my expectation, bless this happy hope of mine and my spouse.

 The fears and anxieties of pregnancy

Prayer to Jesus

Lord Jesus, I pray you with love for this sweet hope that I hold in my womb.
You have granted me the immense gift of a small living life in my life:
I humbly thank you for choosing me the instrument of your love.
In this sweet waiting, help me to live in continuous abandonment to your will.
Grant me a pure, strong, generous mother's heart.
To you I offer the worries for the future; anxieties, fears, desires for the little creature that I still don't know.
Let her be born healthy in the body, remove from her every physical evil and every danger for the soul.
You, Mary, who knew the ineffable joys of a holy motherhood,

give me a heart capable of transmitting a living and ardent Faith.
Sanctify my expectation, bless my happy hope,
make the fruit of my womb sprout in virtue and holiness through you and your Divine Son.


"Where did I come from, where did you find me?" the newborn asks the mother.
She cries and laughs at the same time and, holding the baby to her chest, she replies:
My darling, you were hidden in my heart, you were his desire.
You were in the dolls of my childhood when, every morning, I modeled the image of my God in clay, it was you who made and remade.
You were on the altar with the divinity of our hearth; adoring her, adoring you.


In all my hopes, in all my loves, in my life, in my mother's, it is you who lived.
The immortal spirit that protects our hearth has been cuddling you on its breast since the dawn of time.

In my childhood, when the heart opened its petals, you enveloped it, like an intoxicating perfume.
Your delicate freshness velvety to my young limbs like the reflection of the dew that precedes the dawn.
You, little one in heaven, who took the early morning light as your twin sister, you were carried by the waves of universal life that finally placed you on my heart.
As I contemplate your face, the mystery engulfs me; you who belong to everyone have been given to me!
For fear of me running away, I hold you tight to my heart.
What magic has the world's treasure delivered into my frail arms?

Rabindranath Tagore

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The Prophet

And a woman holding a baby to her breast said:
Tell us about the Sons.
And he said:
Your children are not your children.
They are sons and daughters of the thirst that life has for itself.
They come through you, but not from you,
And although they live with you they do not belong to you.

You can give them love but not your thoughts:
They have their own thoughts.
You can offer shelter to their bodies but not their souls:
They live in the house of tomorrow, which you will not be allowed to visit even in a dream.
You can try to be like them, but don't make yourself like you:
Life goes on and does not linger on the past.
You are the bows from which the children, like living arrows, are shot forward.
The Archer sees the target on the path of infinity, and tends to you forcefully so that his arrows go swift and far.
Joyfully entrust yourself to the hand of the Archer;
For as he loves the flight of the arrow so he loves the firmness of the bow

Kahlil Gibran


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Rudyard Kipling

“If you can keep your cool when everyone around you is losing it;
if you know how to trust yourself when everyone doubts you while taking their doubts into account;
if you know how to wait without getting tired of waiting or being slandered, do not respond with slander or being hated, do not give space to hatred without however appearing too good or speaking too wise;
if you know how to dream, without making your masters dreams;

if you can think, without making thoughts your goal;
if you can meet with success and defeat and treat these two impostors just the same;
if you can bear to hear the truth you said distorted by cheaters making it a naive trap;

or look at the things - for which you gave your life - destroyed and humble yourself to rebuild them with your worn out tools;
if you know how to make a single pile of your victories and risk it in a single head or tails and lose, and start again from the beginning without ever letting a word slip about what you have lost;
if you know how to force your heart, your nerves, your wrists to support you even after a long time that you don't feel them anymore and so resist when there is nothing left in you except the will that tells them: "resist!" ;
if you can talk to dishonest ones without losing your honesty or walking with kings without losing your normal behavior;

if neither enemies nor overly caring friends can hurt you;
if all men count for you, but none too much;
if you can fill the inexorable minute by giving value to each passing instant;
yours is the earth and everything in it and - what matters most - you will be a man, my son ”.

Childbirth poem

If you understand what letting go, abandonment,
if everything in your body is open, free, relaxed and,
particularly, the mouth, the throat, the hands, the eyes,
then you don't have to do anything.
If you don't let it go,
let the baby be born.

Being born at Leboyer, the sweet birth

Just don't object, don't be scared,
nor get irritated by the force, the frenzy that the child starts wanting to be born.
Finally, supreme sacrifice, total self-denial,
you have to tell him within himself
yes, leave me.
Life, your life is there, in front of you.
Take it

Frederick Leboyer

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