Poems and verses for Mother's Day

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Poems for Mother's Day

Many poems have been written about mom. They are words of affection, of thanks, sometimes of apology. Choose one poetry to dedicate to the mother is to entrust a thought full of emotion to the verses written by those who have been able to choose the right words. There are beautiful phrases dedicated to the mother written by famous poets, such as Victor Hugo, Pablo Neruda, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Alda Merini. , famous for his rhymes suitable for the little ones, has written nursery rhymes for mothers that will be very popular with children.

So here is a selection of the most beautiful poems for Mother's Day. But when is Mother's Day? We remind you that for the 2022 is May 9th.

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Rhyming poems for mom

Children love to listen, read and memorize rhyming verses and poems. And on the occasion of Mother's Day we can read together some famous poems dedicated to the mother, such as those of, one of the most famous authors of poems and nursery rhymes for children, or Dante Alighieri.

  • Virgin mother, daughter of your son

Virgin mother, daughter of your son,

humble and lofty more than a creature,

fixed term of eternal counsel,

you are she who human nature

you nobilitasti yes, that his factor

he did not disdain to make his own bill.

Love was rekindled in your womb,

for whose heat there is eternal peace

thus this flower germinated.

Here you are meridiana face

of charity, and right, intra mortals,

if of hope lively fountain.

Woman, you are so great and so worthy,

that which one wants grace and does not have recourse to you

his dislike wants to fly without wings.

Dante Alighieri

  • My mama made me ()

Misinformed people

Or more liars than the devil

They say you were born

Under a cabbage leaf!

Misinformed people

Or more liars than the devil

They say I was born

Under a cabbage leaf!

Others malicious instead

They argue without shame

That you came into the world

On board a stork!

Others malicious instead

They argue without shame

That I came into the world

On board a stork!

If mom bought you

As some claim

Tell me: where is the shop

Where do children sell themselves?

If mom bought me

As some claim

Tell us: where is the shop

Where do children sell themselves?

Such news is


Your mom made you

And you must be happy!

Such news is


My mom made me

And I am very happy!

Such news is

Unfounded: My mom made me

and I am very happy! And I am very happy!

  • To my mother (Edmondo De Amicis)

Time does not always erase beauty

Or tears and troubles touch her;

My mother is sixty,

And the more I look at it, the more beautiful it seems to me.

It doesn't have a saying, a smile, a look, an act

That you don't gently touch my heart;

Ah if I were a painter

I would paint his portrait all my life.

I would like to portray her when she bows her face

For me to kiss her white braid,

Or when you get sick and tired

He hides his pain under a smile.

But if it were my prayers in heaven accepted

I wouldn't ask for the great painter from Urbino The divine brush

To crown his beautiful face with glory;

I wish I could change life with life,

Give her all the vigor of my years,

See me old, and she rejuvenated from my sacrifice.

Mother's Day poems for children

Love for the mother refers to memories of love and affection, care and tenderness. And the poems of the great authors underline precisely these images and these sensations. Here are some poems dedicated to mom.

  • La mamma (Ada Negri)

Mom is no longer young

and already has a lot of gray hair:

but his voice is ringing

of a little girl and everything in her is clear

and energetic: the step, the movement,

the look, the word

  • Thank you Mom (Judith Bond)

Thanks Mom

because you gave me

the tenderness of your caresses,

good night kiss,

your thoughtful smile,

your sweet hand that gives me security.

You secretly dried my tears,

you encouraged my steps,

you corrected my mistakes,

you protected my path,

you educated my spirit,

with wisdom and love

you introduced me to life.

And while you watched carefully over me

you found the time

for the thousand housework.

You never thought about asking for thanks.

Thanks Mom.

  • The mother (Victor Hugo)

The mother is an angel

who looks at us who teaches us to love!

She warms our fingers,

our head between his knees,

our soul in his heart:

she gives us her milk when we are little,

his bread when we are grown up

and his life always.

Primary School Mother's Day Poems

At school, primary school children can read slightly more challenging poems and discover deeper emotions and feelings. Here are some poems dedicated to the mother to propose to primary school children

  • The Mother (Edmondo De Amicis)

Even poor as a bird

that, outside the nest, possesses nothing,

always the mother has a heart to give so that her son does not have to suffer.

Mother is always the fragrant flower

that fills everything around with itself,

even if it stays away from you

with his thought he lives next to you.

His heart shines like a star,

lives his love as a source:

to its water you regain strength,

in its light you lit up your brow.

You hide, but she sees you;

you do not speak to her, but she understands you;

at your threshold he always sits;

you give it pain and it makes you happy.

Like a tree that drops in the sun

immediately enchanted,

if you say sweet words to her

even his tears become light.

  • Supplication to My Mother (Pier Paolo Pasolini)

It is difficult to say in son's words

what in my heart I resemble very little.

You are the only one in the world who knows about my heart

what has always been, before any other love.

This is why I must tell you what it is horrendous to know:

it is within your grace that my anguish is born.

You are irreplaceable. For this she is damned

to loneliness the life you gave me.

I do not want to be alone. I am endlessly hungry

of love, of the love of soulless bodies.

Because the soul is in you, it's you, but you

you are my mother and your love is my bondage:

I spent my childhood as a slave to this sense

high, irremediable, of an immense commitment.

It was the only way to feel life,

the only color, the only shape: now it's over.

We survive: and it is confusion

of a life reborn out of reason.

I beg you, ah, I beg you: don't want to die.

I am here, alone, with you, in a future April ...

  • To All Women (Alda Merini)

Fragile, opulent woman, matrix of heaven

you are a speck of guilt

even in the eyes of God

despite your holy wars

for emancipation.

They split your beauty

and remains a skeleton of love

but who still cries out for revenge

and only you can

still crying,

then you turn around and see your children again,

then you turn around and you still can't say

and be silent in amazement

and then you become as big as the earth

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Poems for Mom in Neapolitan

The Neapolitan dialect is a language apart, its musicality manages to give strength and vigor to great and atavistic feelings, such as love for mothers. Here are some famous poems for the mother in the Nepoletan dialect.

  • Core 'and mum (Giovanni Capurro)

I'm a mom! This word is a pain

when there is no more bread for the daughters.

T '' e strigne impietto: gioia 'e mamma, ammore ...

Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!

Tomorrow !? and you feel heartbroken,

they look at you, cry, mumble and mum!

Stop it! This soul is God with flesh and blood

mme they die, they tremble comme 'and dog!

Is it st'angiulillo? ... My Peppeniello!

no, he didn't die, mom keeps you alive

nfunnenno 'e chiante' e ricciulille d'oro.

Pe 'charity, v' 'or I look for a name and God,

save the creatures, and you are destined,

Marò! you raised nz with them

  • 'To mom (Raffaele Viviani)

'A mamma è n'ata cosa:' o cereviello,

the axis of the house, the ski, the harmony;

She is in charge of the company:

sta 'ncapa' o capo 'e casa, è nu cappiello.

There is always a stream around it,

abbada a milè cose, fa 'a Maria;

and if you don't get sick,

he always raises the needle with a rucchiello.

To whom nu point, to whom na wax crooked,

to whom nu vase, to whom n 'warning.

And if you understand 'mom when she died,

when this annoyance is gone:

it seems that every mumento and,

after a minute, forgive you

Mother's Day Poems in English

For teachers who want to teach their children poems dedicated to their mother in English, here are some suggestions. He offers them to us on his website, which is always full of useful ideas and suggestions

  • A Mother …

When you're a child she walks before you,

To set an example.

When you're a teenager she walks behind you

To be there should you need her.

When you're an adult she walks beside you

So that as two friends you can enjoy life together…

  • I Love you Mom!

Mom's smiles can brighten any moment,

Mom's hugs put joy in all our days,

Mom's love will stay with us forever

and touch our lives in precious ways…

The values you've taught,

the care you've given,

and the wonderful love you've shown,

have enriched my life

in more ways than I can count.

I Love you Mom!


Beautiful phrases for Mother's Day

Beautiful phrases for Mother's Day | Meaningful photos accompanied by equally powerful words. For all mothers

Short poems for mom

Here are some short compositions, easy to memorize, therefore also suitable for small children

  • The Hands of the Mother

You are no closer to God

our; we are all far away. But you have amazing

blessed your hands.

They are born clear in you from the mantle,

bright outline:

I am the dew, the day,

but you, you are the plant.

Rainer Maria Rilke

  • The Mother

And the heart when of a last beat

will have brought down the wall of shadow

to lead me, Mother, to the Lord,

as once you will give me your hand.

on her knees, determined,

You will be a statue before the eternal,

as he already saw you

when you were still alive.

You will raise your old arms trembling,

as when you expired

saying: My God, here I am.

And only when he has forgiven me,

you will want to look at me.

You will remember that you have waited so long for me,

and you will have a quick sigh in your eyes.

Giuseppe Ungaretti

  • Mum

Two arms that embrace me,

two lips kissing me,

two eyes looking at me,

and hands that caress

and I smell good

and I feel a nice taste:

mom is this to me

and much more:

mom is a very sweet lady.

Roberto Piumini

Poems for Neruda's mother

  • Son

Do you know where you come from?

… Near the water in winter

she and I raised a fiery red

consuming our lips

kissing our soul,

throwing everything into the fire,

burning our lives.

So you came into the world.

But her to see me

and to see you someday

crossed the seas

and me to hug

its thin side

all the earth traveled,

with wars and mountains,

with arenas and thorns.

So you came into the world.

You come from so many places,

from water and land,

from fire and snow,

from so far you walk

towards the two of us,

from the love that has chained us,

that we want to know

how are you, what do you tell us?

because you know more

of the world that we gave you.

Like a great storm

we shook

the tree of Life

up to the most occult

root fibers

and now you appear

singing in the foliage,

on the highest branch

that we reached with you.

  • mother

La Mamadre, here she comes

with wooden clogs. Yesterday night

the pole wind blew, they broke through

the roofs collapsed

the walls and the bridges,

the whole night he growled with his pumas,

and now, in the morning

of the cold sun, it comes

my mother, madam

Trinidad Marverde,

sweet as timid freshness

of the sun of the stormy lands,


minute that goes out

and turns on again

for all to distinguish the path.

Oh, sweet mother

- I never could

say stepmother -


my mouth trembles to define you,

why just

I was able to understand

I saw the goodness clothed in miserable dark rags,

the most useful holiness:

that of water and flour,

and this you were: life made you bread

and there we consumed you

in the long desolate winters

with the pouring rain

inside the house

and your ubiquitous humility


the harsh

corn of misery

as if it were going


a river of diamonds.

Ouch, mom, how could I

live without remembering you

at my every moment?

It is not possible. I bring

your Marverde in my blood,


of those

sweet hands

which they cut out of a sack of flour

the breeches of my childhood,

she who cooked, ironed, washed,

sowed, calmed the fever,

and, when he had done everything

and now I could

stand firmly on my legs,

he withdrew, courteous, shy,

in the small coffin

where for the first time she was idle

under the hard rain of Temuco.

Poems for Mother's Day by

With his unmistakable ironic style, but also profound and moving, the great wrote several verses and words dedicated to the mother.

  • For mom

Nursery rhyme of words: whoever wants to come forward.

My head is full of words, as in 'the moon' and 'the whale'.

But the most beautiful in my heart, I hear them beating: 'mom', 'love'.

  • The working mom

I have a little idea that you would like it so much if your mother would always stay at home to do the maid for you and your little brothers, to polish your shoes, to wash your handkerchiefs, and many others, etc., etc.

I don't know what job your mom does, but it will certainly be a useful job: useful to you for the money she can earn and useful to the whole society. And you should admire her even more, not only because she is your mom, but because she is a working woman: an important and good woman.

You can polish the shoes yourself, you can give the handkerchiefs to the washerwoman, then you can sit at the window waiting for your mother to come back to ask her: "What did you do today? Tell us about your job and teach us how to become as good as you"

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