Post childbirth and swimwear test: all on the beach!

Post childbirth and swimwear test: all on the beach!
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Post partum and costume fitting

L'summer and holiday at the seaside as always involve a certain anxiety for the infamous "try bikini”, And the discomfort can be felt even more by new mothers who have not yet shed the pounds gained during pregnancy and see their bodies soft and round. How to best deal with the post partum phase e costume fitting? Here are some tips, starting from the premise that no one on the beach will spend their time looking at us and judging us and that if we are a bit burdened it is only because we gave birth to our child, so we have a wonderful motivation!

Fit after childbirth

How long does it take to get back in shape after pregnancy and childbirth? The experts of the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care in Cologne (Germany) are clear: to get back in shape after childbirth it takes about a year and we must not follow drastic diets that would be harmful to the health of new mothers.

If some women lose the pounds gained during pregnancy quickly but naturally thanks to breastfeeding, "about half have difficulty losing the accumulated weight" and therefore tend to follow unbalanced diets and strenuous physical exercises with poor results. . The best way to get back in shape, advises Peter Sawicki, director of the Institute, is to

do not eat for two when pregnant, but eat in a balanced way for yourself and the baby without exceeding calories. The accumulated weight can be difficult to dispose of also because the mother changes her eating habits to provide the right nutritional supply to her baby during breastfeeding.

For this reason it is good to lose the "extra" kilos gradually, preferably within a year.

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Weight after childbirth

If we have not accumulated too many kilos during the nine months, already after giving birth, we lighten a lot, however it is very common that a few kilos remain more resistant and difficult to eliminate. Here are some practical tips for lose weight after childbirth to dispose of a few extra pounds:

  • The diet begins in the brain earlier than in the body, it begins by accepting one's defects, focusing on one's strengths and reinforcing self-esteem
  • Especially in the first three months, it is important for the breastfeeding mother to take care of herself and eat wholesome food. This does not necessarily imply sacrifices and sacrifices, but a greater attention to the quality of the food.
  • Telling you to eat more vegetables, fruit, simple foods, low fat and low sweets, to practice movement (which can be climbing stairs or walking a piece of the road) is only common sense and not the recipe for losing weight after childbirth.
  • Don't forget the take care of yourself, diet aside, just because you have a small child. Instead, learn to love yourself, to take care of yourself, to make up, to apply specific products for your skin, to buy beautiful clothes in the right size for you without trying to go into smaller sizes that would squeeze you too much. On the contrary, if your breasts are more florid than solid, highlight them with beautiful necklines.
  • Do not diet if you are breastfeeding. Your baby needs a lot of specific nutrients (proteins, iron, calcium…) and you need a lot of energy to breastfeed.

At the sea after childbirth

Il sea it can be a real panacea for the body and the psyche after childbirth. The presence of a newborn obliges us to experience the sea in its most beautiful hours, in the early morning or late afternoon, when the sun is not too hot and the beach is not crowded. Take advantage of these conditions to relax, rest and breathe iodine, fresh air, put your feet in the water and walk the beach or on the water's edge (stimulates circulation and fights water retention and cellulite), take beautiful swims in the morning and take walks with your baby in the carrier.

  • Follow a healthy lifestyle by the sea: do not force yourself to play beach volleyball and do not force yourself to stay six hours in the sun or under an umbrella. Put yourself in the shoes of your little one who may not like the heat, the crowd, the wind and try to tune in to his needs which are yours too: rest, relax, slow down,
  • drink plenty of water,
  • prefer seasonal fruit, smoothies and herbal teas,
  • rest at least 8 hours. During sleep, a hormone is produced, leptin, which gives the feeling of satiety. If you obviously can't sleep all night in a row, rest every time your child takes a nap.
  • exploit the beneficial power of sea water to tone skin and tissues,
  • sotto at shower wet the breast with jets of cold and hot water, alternating for a few minutes: they stimulate the blood vessels to contract and dilate subsequently, improving circulation and promoting oxygenation of the skin, resulting in a more rosy and turgid breast.

Remember that right at the sea you can start resume some physical activity, with moderation and serenity: at the beginning a little moderate physical activity will be enough (walking, swimming) and then moving on to the real abdominals when at least 40 days have passed since birth (2 months in the case of a caesarean).

Costumes for new mothers

How to orient yourself in the choice of post partum costumes? If you are a little overweight and do not want to find out too much, it is the right time to choose one swimsuit which among other things in recent years is very fashionable!

If you don't want to give up the bikini keep an eye on your breasts which will be particularly florid and "explosive", so no to triangles and padded bras, yes instead to underwire and swimsuits that support the breasts well and panties a little higher at the waist that wrap better.

Remember that the costume of the new mother must be above all comfortable and practical because fringes, tiny panties and beads are definitely uncomfortable if you have to hold a baby in your arms or have to move around.

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