Post-partum beauty care, practical advice

Post-partum beauty care, practical advice
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Postpartum beauty care

After pregnancy and childbirth many women hope to get back in shape as soon as possible but the changes that have occurred in a mother's body have been really important, both physically and hormonally, and it is not always easy or immediate. get back in shape in no time. "Will I get my flat stomach back?", "Will I be able to lose the pounds I gained?", "Will my hair ever stop falling out?" Are just some of the questions new mothers ask themselves after childbirth. Sometimes we look in the mirror and see ourselves tired and ugly, but let's not forget that the hormones that can cause the so-called baby blues, a state of melancholy that makes us feel sad and demotivated and makes us see things even more gray. So, no more chatter and remember that the first change must start from within us: take care of our body it also means taking care of our spirit and improves mood, self-esteem and well-being. Don't rush to lose weight and go back into your old jeans (remember that it can take up to a year!) but you can certainly start right away to take care of the beauty of your skin, hair and start doing some physical activity again to feel better about yourself too . Here are some effective tips for post-partum beauty care.


10 tips for losing weight after childbirth

Are there any extra pounds left after giving birth? Here's how to eliminate them in a healthy way

How to lose weight after childbirth

To get back into your clothes it takes, on average, ten to twelve months so the watchword is not to be in a hurry! Here are some advice.

  • Especially if you are breastfeeding it is not really the case to go on a strict diet, but certainly you can and must eat in a healthy and balanced way, preferring fresh foods, fruit, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats.
  • Divide the food program daily in 5 meals (three main and 2 snacks) and do a smart shopping avoiding junk food in the refrigerator or pantry.
  • Begin at move more often without giving in to laziness: intense exercises, such as those on the abdominals, can be postponed for a few months but immediately take walks, swim if you can, do some yoga and pelvic floor exercises that are used to train the perianal muscles. We have to do some gym regularly and progressively, globally, re-educating not only the abdominal muscles, but also and above all the perineum and the back-lumbar, for a correct position of the vertebral column. At the beginning, a little moderate physical activity will be enough and then move on to the real abdominals when at least 40 days have passed since the birth (2 months in the case of a cesarean).

Get back in shape after giving birth by breastfeeding

Many mothers are convinced that during breastfeeding the caloric intake must be increased in a worrying way and that it does not stop starting to follow a controlled diet. If it is true that it is useless and counterproductive to go on a strict diet, it is equally true that it is not said that you should eat for two or even that you are destined to gain further weight.

Tips for following a long-term remise en forme program even if you are breastfeeding I'm:

  • Have patience;
  • follow a healthy and balanced diet rich in essential nutrients for both mother and baby;
  • rest as much as possible and not waste energy unnecessarily;
  • do some movement such as short walks, even with the baby, or schedule yoga sessions 3 times a week.

Breast Care

To invigorate the breast tissues it is enough cold sponges or showers, since the low temperature has an effect vasoconstrictor and then firming. In addition, jets of cold and hot water, alternating for a few minutes, are a real gymnastics for the breast: they stimulate the blood vessels to contract and subsequently dilate, improving circulation and promotingoxygenation of the skin, resulting in a more rosy and turgid breast. Finally, a few and simple ones are enough esercizi to be practiced daily at home to improve the appearance of the breasts. A classic one is to keep the hands clasped at the height of the nose and to push and relax the palms against each other with force (three sets of 10-15 repetitions).

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Postpartum tummy treatments

The belly after childbirth appears flabby and sagging and probably resist fatty deposits even after a diet. What to do? Of course do gods massages with a firming cream every day it can help, but in the most serious cases it is necessary to contact an aesthetic doctor who will propose targeted procedures to melt fat, fight stretch marks and cellulite and firm the belly.

  • Mesotherapy: a treatment that dissolves cellulite and fat pads, it involves injecting cocktails of toning, draining and anti-fat substances under the skin.
  • Carbossiterapia: useful in cases of cellulite and localized bearings consists in practicing injections of medical carbon dioxide which serves to improve blood circulation and consequently the oxygenation of the tissues, with the aim of giving a boost to the metabolism of fat cells.
  • In the most serious cases, the only way to resolve serious blemishes in the belly after childbirth is toabdominoplasty, a cosmetic surgery that literally reshapes the area.

Postpartum tummy treatments

How the body changes after childbirth

Post partum lymphatic drainage

One of the practices most recommended by gynecologists to new mothers is the lymphatic drainage. A cycle of lymphatic drainage massages, if performed by an expert operator, can have numerous benefits:

  • stimulates diuresis and urination and therefore fights water retention;
  • has a detoxifying effect;
  • fights cellulite;
  • tightens the tissues;
  • has a relaxing effect;
  • fights overweight.

Post partum pressotherapy

The procedure uses a pressure wave that performs a real massage, through compression, managing to drain liquids and improve circulation, both lymphatic and venous. Pressotherapy:

  • fights water retention;
  • improves lymphatic and venous circulation;
  • performs a draining and detoxifying action;
  • promotes urination.

We conclude this series of tips with the most important one: before deciding to undergo a treatment or an aesthetic procedure always ask your gynecologist and rely only on expert and competent operators.

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