Postpartum abs: when to start exercising

Postpartum abs: when to start exercising
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Postpartum abs: when to start exercising

One of the many questions new mothers ask is: will I never get back the body I had before pregnancy? In particular, the question concerns the belly, because regardless of the weight accumulated during the nine months of gestation it could take a long time to get back to "what it was before". But when can you start doing the postpartum abdominals?

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The belly after childbirth

You just have given birth and you feel like you're still pregnant, right? There belly it's all there, swollen and hard, and you're afraid it will stay that way forever. First of all, you need to know that moles days following the birth the body works to "withdraw" the uterus and bring it back to the size it was before pregnancy. This happens thanks to the production of oxytocin and you notice it above all by attaching the baby to the breast, because the sucking it stimulates the so-called "uterine bites". So wait a bit: slowly your belly will deflate.

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What to do if the belly does not go away after giving birth

However, if some time has already passed and the belly remains swollen, or you are aware that you have put on some weight, you may need to targeted exercises, but not before checking that everything is fine. In fact, sometimes the belly is not an aesthetic problem, but a physical one, because it is the result of diastasis.

What is diastasis and how is it treated

Abdominal diastasis is a disease that affects one giving birth out of three, and it's there separation of the rectus abdominis muscle along the linea alba, that is the central line that usually connects the right muscles with the left ones. It is not just a problem aesthetic but also physical, because this line of conjunction normally guarantees the abdominal continence of internal organs. However, this is a problem that must be evaluated with a specialist, because do situps it could even make the situation worse.

When to start exercising after giving birth

Some that are yours physical form, it is good to remember that to start any kind of outdoor different from walking you have to wait for the doctor's ok to the famous 40-day visit: on that occasion the doctor will be able to tell you if you can resume playing sports and to what extent. There are women who have a very fast recovery, they have not suffered lacerations or episiotomy, have not lost tone or still haven't diastasi and for them the activity can resume without problems. In other cases, however, you have to be careful, because you risk excessive fatigue or injuries.

Also, if you have had a caesarean section, the advice is to wait at least six weeks, so avoid doing it your own way.

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Postpartum abdominals: sports and exercises

The moment the doctor gives you the ok to resumption of physical exercise, you have to take into account that to bring back the Flat stomach e root it is not enough to do hundreds of abdominal a day, indeed. If done badly they could even be counterproductive. In any case, if you need to lose weight and beyond regain tone, you need to insert in yours training also of the activity cardio, in addition to following healthy eating

Sports to lose abdominal fat

There are many today programs, also through apps, offered to women who have recently given birth and want to get back into shape slowly. Prefer the well-known ones (such as that of Kayla Itsines) and be wary of the others. If you don't trust the online workouts then you can contact a personal trainer, which will point you to a personalized program. Alternatively, the sport that they will do to you lose weight gently I'm: 

  • swimming
  • race
  • pilates
  • dynamic yoga

Abs exercises to do after childbirth

Activities like the pilates and yoga guarantee you a continuous stimulation of the abdominal (Pilates is conceived as a strengthening of the "core", therefore of the entire abdominal area), so if you practice one of these sports you should not need to integrate with specific exercises.

Otherwise, they can be useful: 

  • crunch
  • raise your legs
  • I work with weights
  • plank

It is absolutely essential, however, to provide for a specific control of the perineum before starting to tackle exercises that involve very important weights or efforts of the abdominal: if by chance the perineal muscle were not tonic enough, you could hurt yourself a lot. There is also the possibility - in some countries there is a default after childbirth - to do the re-education of the perineum, essential in some cases before starting physical activity. 

Fighting against the belly e do the abdominals after childbirth it is the will of many women who have just had a baby, but take the time to recover and above all do not underestimate any pathologies.


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