Postpartum: all the nonsense you might hear!

Silly phrases said to a new mother after giving birth

From our forum, here are the most senseless and out-of-the-way things people say to an inexperienced new mother right after giving birth. 

  • Tell a user: The one I hated most: "But why are you crying like that? Maybe your milk isn't enough! "

Pimma: "Children must be allowed to cry, do not pick them up or they spoil themselves and then their lungs open up"
quote my ex mother-in-law

  • Patty74: the craziest thing I've been told is that I was two huge thighs (after giving birth to alessia). it is true that I gained a lot of weight about her but who told me (my bed neighbor), it was not a silhouette. she was also "in the flesh". 100 kg weighed them, I will have gained a lot, but I never got to weigh 100 kg. Another thing I hate is when all relatives give advice on how to raise children, especially mothers and mothers-in-law and then they tell you without tact that you are a bad mother etc.
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  • Another thing that I really can't stand, is when a baby is born the grandparents (my mother-in-law), they try in every way to understand who he looks like. With my girls, she was pissed off black because she said they both looked like me. Now Nicole looks a lot like her papy (as she calls him), and Alessia more like me, even if she has something of her grandparents, of my younger sister (for example she is blonde, she was also a child as a child and also my brother and a little me too). But I didn't understand why when a baby is born, she must necessarily look like someone. why else isn't he your son?
  • Ladybug: What a laugh .... you made me think of the day after giving birth .... a person who came to see me, looked at me stunned and exclaimed "But you still have a belly !!!" ....yeah ... because according to someone outside the puppy ... and as if by magic the belly returns nice flat and smooth !!
  • You know what it is that makes me angry the most to think about it !! ?? E 'that when they told me convinced "let him cry, otherwise you spoil him and then learn that as soon as he does" A "you run" .... I was also there to "defend" my point of view according to which, a newborn who he cries he needs something and does not do it because he is spoiled or is "smart" !!! But I shouldn't even have spent 2 words with certain people !!!!
  • Patty: With Sara, in the hospital, a caesarean section for which she was forced to bed, the nursing home brought the baby to me for the first time and tried to attach her to the breast; after a vain attempt, during which he took the baby's head, crushed it against my breast, screwing it like a cork to the bottle without any result (the baby was asleep, notice ...) except to make her scream like a 'eagle, interrupts the maneuver saying to me: "... so she will never be able to breastfeed because the conformation of her nipple will not allow the baby to latch on well. "I breastfed Sara until the 11th month without ever having needed additions ... Don't you think she has the wrong job?
  • ... but then, Does a little child cry just because he's hungry?

How many times have I heard it say ... the little girl was crying, it doesn't matter if she had just finished eating ... but they had to tell me that she was crying because she needed to eat ... I wonder: but if you don't know that she just smudged her lactone and is full as an egg why you open your mouth? Can't she have tummy pain? Can't she be sleepy and unable to fall asleep? Can't she need to burp? You may not need contact with the mother?

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  • Carla tells us: I hate those people who float near the pram when the baby is asleep and start 'e cicci how nice that pacioccone ...' they wake him up and then all surprises they say: "Toh he woke up" ..And then even more those who owe you at all costs to make you feel inept, of the type Oh his hands are cold but why don't you cover him? Or poor thing keep it so or so .... but people are a healthy dose of his sprouts, no?
  • Chiara says: "I hated everyone who told me that, which unfortunately for the most part was my parents and my in-laws ... they decreed that my milk wasn't enough ... that I didn't even have any ... instead of understanding little one suffered from colic "and just for the record ... I breastfed him for almost 20 months .... Also you want out of jealousy ... and oh well I'll be possessive too, but I couldn't stand it when they took it out of my arms to take it without asking me something like "Can I?" or "Do you mind if I take it?" and the most hateful thing is that they did it even when he was asleep !!! They took it from the cradle or from the egg ... Now that I think about it I get some nerves! But the next if they dream it ... I was really too inexperienced and good! I kept quiet whatever they said to me (because others have more and more experience).
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  • Marzia tells us: "On the other hand, I can't stand when my mother-in-law picks up my daughter, without even thinking that it is 40 degrees, we sweat ... and without even thinking that it would be more hygienic to use a linen sheet instead of bare arms. .... and again, I can't stand when, always my mother-in-law, tells me "but why don't you give her the bottle and put the biscuits in it? so she gets fat .... can't you see that she is dry (thin) and long? "and I reply" noooooo, I keep her on a diet because my daughter has to be a model .... "
  • Antonietta says: "Hello everyone, those people (I don't mention names!) Get on my nerves who tell me" don't you think the child eats too much? !!!! he should eat less! " he eats almost nothing, in the morning only milk and at lunchtime 2 tablespoons of pasta !!!!!! but according to them I have to make him go hungry !?
  • Giulia76 tells: "Imagine the scene: I am in my twenties, first child and just after giving birth ... a cris comes to find me .... who seeing Cris sleeping makes me: Now I open my eyes to see if he has them like yours ! ... I send back 'and I'll get them to you ...!' 
  • Pamela 80: "To me, however, there was who laughed watching me walk to the hospital after giving birth... The points pulled that I had to walk like a duck, but do you think there was a need to specify it? But do you have the belief that in the first 40 days the mother should not touch the water (apart from washing herself)?

My grandmother used to tell me: "now that you have given birth you don't have to do anything at home, cook and wash the dishes because you are in quarantine ...".

  • Carla 75: "I remember that the very nice sister of my husband the day after I gave birth Mia had come to see me in the hospital and told me: "you will see now that pains after the 2nd child when the uterus is put in place, it seems to have to give birth to new one!" And instead a day of pain and that's it
  • Small82 "I hated those who touched your breasts and said "you have little milk!", Or looking at my baby "but are you eating enough? For me you don't have a lot of milk!" What balls! No one to mind their own business!

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