Prayers for pregnancy and patron saints for mothers and children

Prayers for pregnancy

When you want a baby and it doesn't come. When you are expecting a baby. When we give birth and when we want to make a prayer to a saint in the name of our child.
Here are the patron saints of mothers and children.


The mother of Jesus, symbol of all mothers and of strength, of love and of courage of motherhood.

Ave Maria
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with you.
You are blessed among women
and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.
Santa Maria, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and in the hour of our death.


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Mary's mother is unanimously considered the protector of pregnant women who turn to her to obtain three great favors from God: a happy birth, a healthy child and enough milk to be able to raise him.

Prayer to Saint Anne
O Lord, by intercession
of S.Anna mother of the Madonna,
I ask you to accompany me in this time
gestation of the creature you have
wanted to make it live in my bosom.
Thanks, because you chose me
for this very important task:
to be the mother of a new creature,
and so collaborate
with you Creator.
O Lord, by intercession
of S. Anna, make the creature that is in me,
is a gift that makes the
my family and a blessing to all.
Let the expectation of birth help us to be
generous and persevering
in faith and charity.

Saint Dominic Savio

A disciple of St. John Bosco, little Dominic consecrated his life to God as a child.
It is considered the protector of women who wish to become pregnant and those experiencing a high-risk pregnancy.
On the site of S. Giovanni Bosco you can request for free the dress of San Domenico Savio, which reproduces the dress that Domenico put on the neck of his mother, suffering from a previous pregnancy. Through the intercession of the Virgin Mary she healed and gave birth to Catherine.
Domenico wanted the dress to be handed down to all women in difficult conditions related to pregnancy.

Here is a mother's prayer
Lord Jesus, I pray to you with love for this sweet hope that I hold in my womb. You have granted me the immense gift of a small living life in my life: I humbly thank you for choosing me as an instrument of your love. In this sweet waiting, help me to live in continuous abandonment to your will. Grant me a pure, strong, generous mother's heart. To you I offer the worries for the future; anxieties, fears, desires for the little creature that I still don't know. Let her be born healthy in her body, remove from her all physical harm and all danger to the soul.
You, Mary, who knew the ineffable joys of a holy motherhood, give me a heart capable of transmitting a living and ardent Faith.
Sanctify my expectation, bless this happy hope of mine, let the fruit of my womb sprout in virtue and holiness through you and your Divine Son. Amen.


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San Giuseppe

Devoted spouse of Mary and putative father of Jesus. She raised the little one as her son and is the symbol of fatherly love and the solidity of the family.

Prayer to Saint Joseph
To you, O blessed Joseph, gripped by tribulation, we have recourse, and confidently invoke your patronage, after that of your most holy bride. For, that sacred bond of charity, which bound you to the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and for the paternal love you brought to the child Jesus, concerns, we pray you, with a kind eye the dear inheritance that Jesus Christ acquired with His Blood, and with your power and help you help our needs. Protect, O provident guardian of the divine Family, the chosen offspring of Jesus Christ: keep away from us, O beloved Father, the errors and vices that infect the world; assist us propitiously from heaven in this struggle with the power of darkness, O our strongest protector; and just as you once saved the threatened life of the little baby Jesus from death, so now you defend the holy Church of God from hostile snares and from all adversities; and extend your patronage over each one of us every now, so that by your example and through your help, we may virtuously live, piously die and attain eternal bliss in heaven.

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Santa Gianna Beretta Spring

Mother of three children, devoted wife and passionate pediatrician, Gianna discovered that she was expecting a baby and at the same time had a terrible tumor in her uterus. She chose to carry on with the pregnancy and asked the doctors to save the baby. She died a few days in childbirth, at just 39 years old.

Santa Maria Francesca

Venerated in the city, Santa Maria Francesca of the four wounds is the protector of women who are unable to have a child. Her sanctuary, in the center of the city, is a constant pilgrimage destination for women who want a baby.

San Nicola di Bari and San Bonaventura

They are among the most revered Protectors of children and children.

Prayer to St. Nicholas
O St. Nicholas friend of God and our friend, you who have been so sensitive to the needs of young people by guiding them with the wisdom of your advice, continue from heaven, as father and brother, to show your solicitous concern for us. Protect our activities: study, work, service to the needy, our commitment to the Church.
Guard and purify our affections. Enlighten our choices to be according to God's heart.
Be an attentive and sweet travel companion for all of us

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