Pregnancy: 20 Things You Should Know First

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Things to know before getting pregnant

What a joy! The pregnancy test turns pink and happiness takes us (sometimes by surprise). The long adventure that will take you up to the moment of birth begins and will last nine months. But it won't be just roses and flowers.

We are not crazy, we are pregnant: the video

Mammansia shows us how future mothers behave when they are expecting a baby and how future fathers react instead. Everyone struggling with what can happen during pregnancy: mood swings, sudden cravings, first football and emotions of 9 months.

So here is a list of twenty things you should know before starting.

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  1. Some will boast that they managed to find the stork on the first try. Too bad you are not among these lucky few and have had to wait months ...
  2. Even a simple glass of water can cause you a terrible one heartburn
  3. Your belly it will become, as it grows, community property. Anyone will feel entitled to look at it, touch it, caress it
  4. Everyone will believe they have the right / duty to tell you "the truth about delivery". Obviously, these will be terrifying stories. Just as everyone will have their say on natural or caesarean birth, epidural or sweet birth. Imperative: ignore them
  5. - hormones they will really annoy. And they will push you into sudden mood swings or fixate on certain ideas. For example, you haven't stocked up on enough diapers and you need to convince your partner to go and buy two more packs right away. Even if it is night
  6. Accommodation it will become a real mission impossible. Especially when the baby has grown up and starts to hold tight in the belly. He will kick and your liver may get squeezed between the baby's legs and feet
  7. Your B-side may also look "pregnant"
  8. Le nails of your feet will grow at a rapid pace, but you will no longer be able to cut them on your own
  9. At the end of pregnancy your feet will look like balloons and you will be forced to buy new shoes of a higher size, then leave them in the shoe cabinet after delivery
  10. If you already have a son and you are visibly pregnant people will not be able to help but say with irony that "soon you will be very busy". And they think they're funny
  11. Everything will annoy you. And by everything we mean everything: from the air to the people who breathe it
  12. You will have an obsession with labor. Not knowing the symptoms, you will think you are going to give birth every day
  13. In the last days of pregnancy, unplug the phone: it will be all a call to find out if the baby has been born
  14. Not always give birth it's a breeze and not all pregnancies end in a happy, peaceful birth.
  15. The diet will suffer a lot of restrictions. There will be a lot of things you won't be able to eat and of course you'll have a craving for those
  16. Your breast it may begin to drip well before the baby arrives. Let the party begin!
  17. The underwear of pregnancy it can be reused as a sail for a boat. Leave it in the drawer after delivery
  18. Someone will reveal the baby's super-secret name
  19. Dessert will become your meal
  20. Pregnancy is magical! But don't trust anyone who doesn't tell you that sometimes it can be crap

And what would you add to this list?

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