Pregnancy: how to dress in each trimester

Pregnant clothing

During pregnancy, the body changes, and it is difficult to keep up with the wardrobe because that item purchased on purpose and which until yesterday seemed perfect to us suddenly becomes haemostatic - the dreaded "vacuum sausage" effect is just around the corner.

If those who do not have a passion for shopping still have to make a point of facing the wardrobe emergency, for fashion victims, dressing up during pregnancy becomes a real challenge.


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First quarter

During the first quarter the bacon begins to show itself, but we don't always want to reveal our new condition to the world, nor do we want to know that our state is already so evident.

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HOW TO DRESS IN THE FIRST QUARTER OF PREGNANCY- Set aside all garments that are too tight, adherent or snug. Fortunately, especially in recent years, fashion has favored softer and more flowing lines in the upper part: see blouses, silk blouses, tops and wide and enveloping sweaters. Tunics and maxi cardigans are the strategic garments for this phase. Add a couple of jeans stretch, a beautiful colored scarf and you will have an informal and chic look suitable for any occasion.

Second quarter

Especially at the beginning of the second trimester, maternity dresses can turn out to be unsuitable for our silhouette, because they are too abundant and wrong in the cut and in the line, but our clothes almost all turn out to be the wrong size ... bras at the forefront.

WHAT TO WEAR DURING THE SECOND QUARTER OF PREGNANCY -: It is necessary to add at least a couple of garments to the wardrobe: if for the upper part the wide garments worn during the first quarter can still fit, now the jeans, even one size up and in stretch fabric, risk compressing the abdomen, as well as being objectively uncomfortable. It is necessary to buy jeans or trousers with a waistband. Or, even le skirts with elasticated waist or “sporty” style trousers with elastic and drawstring.


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For almost all of them, it is advisable to purchase a new, larger bra: the feeling of relief will be priceless, not to mention the aesthetics. As time passes, the baby bump becomes more and more evident: for formal occasions, or even for the office, the winning choice is the wrap dress; the cut embraces our new curves and, if chosen in a solid color, masks any extra pounds. And if the belly grows, just change position when closed.

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Third quarter

We feel huge, bloated. In the third trimester of pregnancy, even tying shoes becomes a challenge, as we haven't seen our feet for weeks. Buttons and zippers are our bitterest enemies. We have now fully embraced the monochromatic look with dark colors, to avoid as much as possible the “beached cetacean” effect, but what a deadly bore!


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HOW TO DRESS DURING THE THIRD QUARTER - The most comfortable and comfortable look for a mom in her last trimester is probably the whole maternity dress; a couple of beautiful dresses in comfortable fabrics and practically the wardrobe is done: not a small advantage, in a period in which the only desire we have is to sleep, because dressing is thus reduced to the simple act of wearing the dress, at most adding a wool cardigan in winter. But if in the long run depression assails us, it's time to play with accessories: a bolder bag than usual, a row of tinkling bracelets, a beautiful necklace, a couple of new ballet flats a little different from the usual.

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