Pregnancy: Ten Things You Maybe You Didn't Know

    Pregnancy: Ten Things You Maybe You Didn't Know

    Pregnancy is a magical, sacred, joyful but also painful period, which contains many of those emotions, experiences and sensations that you would not believe. Did you think you knew everything about this period? We reveal ten goodies that you may not have known

    Male or female? 
    The only thing that can determine your baby's sex is amniocentesis. There are no other signs of this, such as the shape of the belly or particular "cravings" or discomfort. Equally debunked is the myth that, if the mother has heartburn, the baby will surely have very thick hair. The moon phase does not affect the sex determination of the baby

    Ascetic pregnancy

    It is not true that it hurts to have sex during pregnancy, on the contrary, women are often encouraged to continue sexual activity while they are pregnant, unless there is a strong risk of miscarriage or other counter-conditions that will in any case be reported by the doctor or the doctor. 'midwife. Physical exercise can also be continued, while following particular precautions.

    Relaxing baths

    Some have argued that bathing during pregnancy or soon after delivery can hurt the baby or your body while breastfeeding. In fact, during pregnancy only baths in too hot water should be avoided, which, especially in the first trimester, can cause problems in the development of the fetus and anticipate delivery. Saunas and whirlpools are also to be avoided

    Always sleep on the left side

    Pregnant women are often told that from now on, until the end of the pregnancy, they will need to sleep on the left side. While sleeping on your stomach in some cases can cause problems due to excessive pressure on the vena cava, sleeping on the right or left side is indifferent; the left is only preferable if the kidney is not functioning properly or if you have high blood pressure.

    Nausea is only in the morning

    Despite the popular name of "morning sickness", the feeling of vomiting does not happen only during the first hours of the day. Simply, in the morning it is more likely due to an empty stomach and abrupt change of position. To fight it, they can be kept crackers or high-fiber cereals on the bedside table and munch on one while getting up slowly; do not drink during meals but drink a lot between meals; help yourself with ginger, after hearing the advice of your doctor about it

    Mum is pregnant but dad gets fat too

    One of the worries of many mothers during the period of pregnancy is to put on kilos that they are unlikely to be able to shed. It being understood that a correct diet (and therefore absolute prohibition of eating for two) combined with a light motor activity, can help you not to start hating the scale, pregnancy seems to make future dads fat.
    Well yes: yet another research on pregnancy has come to this strange conclusion. We are talking about an investigation by the Onepoli company which involved 5000 men in Great Britain and on average dads would put on a whopping 6 kg. One in five dads fills the plate more.

    Don't break the news right away
    Try to don't break the news pregnancy to others (except for close family members perhaps) before the end of the 3rd month, since the risk of miscarriage is greater in the first trimester and it is better not to create expectations and disappointments even among other people, especially other children who want a little brother. Always for the same reason it is much better not to communicate the expected date of birth to relatives and friends. Because? Because in about 10% of cases the birth of the child takes place after that date, so if you want to avoid daily phone calls, loads of anxious text messages from people who get information, it is better to tell relatives and friends that the date of birth is 10-15 days later, so they will leave you alone and you can always tell that he was born a little early! :-)

    The belly is not seen
    Are you worried because the belly is not visible and now the very first months of pregnancy have passed? Do not worry if you see little or nothing even up to the fifth month, because the uterus, growing from the pelvis upwards, changes it only starting from this date.

    You feel it move
    Always the fateful fifth month is the time around which we begin to warn the baby that he moves on average, especially if we are in the first pregnancy and therefore not yet experts. Don't worry if you don't feel the baby's movements before the end of the 5th month because, even if the baby is already moving briskly at the end of the 2nd month, his muscle strength is minimal and the amniotic fluid dampens the perception of his kicks

    No to comparisons
    Do not compare your belly with that of others expectant mothers. The volume of the belly does not depend only on the weight of the child, but on the quantity of amniotic fluid, the quantity of maternal fat, the type of clothing used and, above all, the arching of the spinal column that makes it protrude more or less towards the external. If, on the other hand, you feel very swollen even in the first months, perhaps it is the fault of the intestinal irregularity: to fight it you just need to insert a lot of fiber in your diet, especially cereals rich in fiber for breakfast.

    No to lies
    Don't lie about your weight initial to the gynecologist who will ask you at the first visit (some weigh in the office, some take their word for it) or do not change it after a few months because it is better for your doctor to know the real weight gain to assess if there is a need for a different diet, specific tests etc.

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