Pregnant at Christmas: what can you eat?

Pregnant at Christmas, what to eat

Holidays, and in particular Christmas, scare a little all those who try to be careful of the line and have always been convinced that the alternatives are: enjoy lunches and dinners and take at least 3 or 4 kg or give up on tasty Christmas banquets. and this is even more true for those who are in this wonderful time of year pregnant. In reality, however, it is all very simple, just follow some advice!

What to avoid at Christmas if I'm pregnant

As always, the safety of mother and baby comes first. For those who tested negative for toxoplasma, the restrictions will be greater; as always, it is necessary to avoid raw or uncooked foods to perfection, therefore no cured meats, carpaccio, smoked fish and preparations that contain not fully cooked eggs (creams, tiramisu, carbonara pasta ...) molds (brie, gorgonzola, camembert, roquefort ..) with seafood and large fish such as tuna and swordfish. Alcohol is always good to avoid in pregnancy, as there is no threshold below which its consumption is considered safe for the fetus.

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How to avoid Christmas binges

First of all, let us remember that there are only 5 days of celebration (and therefore the relative meals): la Eve, Christmas, Boxing Day, the New Year e epiphany. It is good for the whole family that the other meals remain normal, so if you are the one who cooks, try to regulate yourself with the preparation of the food and give friends and relatives a good part of the surpluses, so as not to be led to eat in a suitable way. exaggerated for a whole week! Moreover it is always good to keep the division of the day into 5 meals, avoiding bingeing during lunch and dinner. It is wrong to skip the snack because you want to eat more at dinner, because the purpose of snacks is precisely to not get hungry for the next meal; therefore treat yourself to healthy and light snacks, such as an herbal tea with biscuits, a fruit or a yogurt. Set up your most important meals to be healthy and light so you don't have to feel guilty if you overeat. "Eat well, without overdoing it" must be your motto!

Healthy eating at Christmas: the fish menu

When you want to have a good meal without sacrificing health, fish is certainly the best solution. It is good that the meal also includes some blue fish, rich in omega 3 which are essential for a correct development of the fetus: anchovies, sardines, sardines and mackerel are ideal as an appetizer or as a condiment for a first course. If it is a dinner it is good not to overdo it with the first courses, one will be more than enough. To stay even lighter, you can prefer a good risotto to an egg pasta. As a second you can indulge in the various types of white fish, better if cooked in the oven, in foil, boiled or steamed to use as little fat as possible. Even the salmon it is a great alternative, it is a very fatty fish, but remember that they are always good fats!

Here is an example of a menu:


  • Tuna and chickpea meatballs
  • Gratin sardines


  • Tagliatelle with perch and cherry tomatoes


  • Salmon steak with pink pepper and pomegranate
  • Sea bass baked in foil with citrus

Side dishes

  • Boiled potatoes and black olives. Mixed salad

Fruit and desserts

  • Fresh seasonal fruit salad
  • Mixed dried fruit
  • Lemon Sorbet

Eating healthy at Christmas: the meat menu (and more)

In antipasti it's easy to indulge yourself without giving up lightness, you can opt for gods cheese lean, making sure that they have been produced with pasteurized milk (ricotta, cottage cheese, spreadable cheese, mozzarella, feta ...) or for vegetable which are a very important source of fibers and minerals and can be inserted in a salad, served with polenta, you can create mini soups or you can make a hummus to spread on bread or croutons. For Christmas you can also treat yourself to a nice plate of cappelletti or tortellini (excluding raw ham from the filling for those negative for toxoplasmosis) as long as the broth is not made with cube, which is not only rich in salt, but also in potentially carcinogenic substances. A good one is fine too beef broth, taking care to remove the fat that will deposit on the surface once it has cooled down. For the latter we always choose gods lean cuts of meat that even here we can cook lightly and without many sauces or dips.

Here is an example of a menu:


  • Cocktail with: orange, lemon, pineapple and grapefruit juice


  • Mixed raw vegetables in pinzimonio
  • Canapes with ricotta and walnuts / light spreadable cheese and truffle
  • Bowls of polenta and beans

First dishes

  • Cappelletti or tortellini in broth
  • Cannelloni with ricotta and ragù broccoli cream


  • Roast turkey with sage
  • Baked rabbit with potatoes

Side dishes

  • Salad with fresh baby spinach and oranges
  • Mixed vegetables in gratin

Fruit and dessert

  • Fresh fruit skewers
  • Pandoro or Panettone
  • Fruits and vegetables on holiday menus

La vegetables it must always be present, as it provides essential nutrients for a healthy pregnancy and because thanks to its high intake of water and fiber it fills the stomach providing very few calories. The advice is to offer it right from the appetizer, placing small glasses of fresh vegetables on the table (carrots, celery, fennel) that someone will start munching immediately to appease hunger. Always propose both cooked vegetables than raw, to get all the possible benefits e do not miss broccoli, kale, spinach and asparagus, which are the richest vegetables in folic acid.

For what concerns fruit is always good not to overdo it, limited to consuming 2-3 fruits a day, so if you have already consumed it in snacks you can do without it during dinner. In any case, always opt for della seasonal fruit, perhaps proposed in the form of skewers or fruit salad (topped only with orange and lemon juice, without sugar!). Dried fruit is also fine, as long as it is not salty and you do not exaggerate with the quantities, since it is very caloric.

Tips for a delicious and healthy Christmas

To accompany main courses and appetizers and make them tastier, you can create light and egg-free sauces, for example based on yogurt.

  • Evitate i grissini (much fatter and saltier than bread) and always opt for unseasoned bread (only flour, water and yeast), perhaps wholemeal and try not to abuse it
  • Don't give up on dessert if you are greedy, you can accompany the fish with a glass of lemon sorbet or opt for the classic panettone or pandoro, trying to avoid those with various creams and fillings. You could also prepare some good Christmas cookies with your children to share moments in the kitchen with them and then allow them to eat something they have prepared themselves!
  • We said "no" to alcohol, but you can always make some tasty non-alcoholic cocktails, mixing different fruit juices (better if prepared by you starting from fresh fruit), which we can use as an aperitif or to toast the new year.
  • As always, the best way not to overdo the diet is to eat listening to your sense of hunger and satiety, without being distracted or deceived by the throat.
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