Prepare the breasts for breastfeeding

Prepare the breasts for breastfeeding
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How to prepare the breast for breastfeeding

The breasts begin to change from the first weeks of pregnancy and as the birth of the baby approaches many expectant mothers are wondering how the breasts are prepared for breastfeeding. Let's find out how to proceed.

Breast changes during pregnancy

The breasts begin to change already during the first few weeks gestation: the breasts become swollen, the areola darkens, an uneven pigmentation appears around it, the Montgomery tubercles become more prominent and a sense of tension and heaviness is felt.


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Il nipple it is very sensitive, even a slight stimulus or touch makes it stretch and stiffen. The breasts increase in volume, the skin is tighter and the blood vessels become visible. It is possible, from the fifth month onwards, stretch marks, ie reddish streaks due to the tearing of the elastic fibers of the dermis. The mammary gland enlarges, the vascularity increases and fatty tissue accumulates around the lobules. Around the fourth month, a serous, opalescent liquid called colostrum.

Breastfeeding preparation in pregnancy

Breast care is important during this period, because together with a correct diet, it will allow the expectant mother to keep herself beautiful and to avoid or reduce damage, especially to the skin.

Practice every day if possible specific exercises, will help the muscles and joints to loosen and will benefit internal organs, spine and breath. As the body melts, the mind will also relax and you will be able to feel more deeply the inner harmony with your being and with your baby.

It can be interesting and productive to involve the partner, both during the course and in the exercises which it is good, as I said before, to repeat daily at home. The morning before breakfast or the evening before dinner are the ideal moments. The space is easily identifiable in any home, an area of ​​2 m. x 2 m. it is more than enough; this space must be free of obstacles and well ventilated, a gymnastic mat (also available in department stores) or a carpet complete the necessary equipment.

It is good practice to wear a comfortable suit in natural fabric, without metal on.

Exercises must be performed with the rhythm of breathing. Do not hold the breath during the movement but, on the contrary, use the inspiration to prepare the movement and the exhalation during the muscular work. Breath is always abdominal; inhaling the abdomen is filled and the diaphragm goes down massaging the internal organs. As you exhale, the abdominal muscles gently contract and the movement should not affect the rib cage until later.

Exercises to improve the tone of the pectoral muscles (breasts)

  1. Place your palms together and raise your elbows up to chest height; push with your hands against each other. 10 times
  2. Massage - pass the right hand from the outside of the right breast upwards. Repeat with the left hand the same movement for the left breast 10 times on each side
  3. Extend your arms and perform a wide scissor motion 10 times

What to eat to prepare for breastfeeding

To better enjoy the period of pregnancy, you must pay attention to the diet, which must not double as it was once said, but must be well balanced from the first months of gestation. Eating a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit, dairy products, lean beef, fish, poultry, bread and wholemeal pasta, as well as being ideal for the needs of the moment, ensures a proper nutritional intake and avoiding exaggerated weight gains. In the vegetables, such as spinach, peppers, parsley, and citrus fruits contain vitamins A and C, also useful against the appearance of stretch marks; vitamins of the B complex are found in brewer's yeast, E in wheat germ, K is present in vegetables and especially in tomatoes and cabbage, vitamin D in milk and derivatives. If the woman does not gain too much weight during pregnancy she will be able to recover the line more easily after delivery e Breast, magnified only by the right and natural weight gain, it will surely return to its ideal shape even after maternity and breastfeeding.

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During pregnancy, the breast must be supported with a bra always adequate to its development and changes. The garment should always be washed well, especially when you have those light nipples secretions and, in recent months, the nipples must be protected by a sterile gauze.


I love you wash carefully, hydrate and strengthen your nipples with massages to prepare them for breastfeeding. Hydration can be obtained with specific products or with simple sweet almond oil. Alternating hot and cold showers stimulates the breasts and nipples, the important thing is to do it gently and without violence. Sponging and massaging gently with a glove that is not too rough is good especially if after friction with emollient substances such as shea butter or nipple creams. All this associated with appropriate movements performed with the fingertips, making circles that start from the base towards the nipple which must be slightly stretched, favors its extroflexion.

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