Preparto course, when to do it and which one to choose

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Preparto course, when to do it

The preparation course is an important experience for future mothers, and also for future fathers: during the course you meet other pregnant couples and receive information, advice and useful teachings to deal with the last stages of pregnancy, labor and childbirth and the first weeks of life with the newborn. But when to start the preparation course and how to choose the right one?

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  • Free online preparation courses
  • How long does the preparation course last?
  • What is done in the preparation course
  • Is the preparation course compulsory?
  • Where is the preparation course held?

Free online preparation courses

Due to the pandemic of Covid-19 there have been many opportunities to meet future mothers online. Several hospitals and associations organize, in fact, online preparation courses to allow pregnant women to have access to all the information and advice necessary to better enjoy the last stages of pregnancy and face labor. Here are some interesting proposals for online childbirth preparation courses

  • MAMAME: 20 lessons, intermediate quizzes, a final test and an end-of-course certificate
  • Mangiagalli Clinic: mothers enrolled in the preparation course will be contacted to participate in virtual meetings to get to know other mothers and meet professionals such as ophthalmologists, neonatologists, anesthetists and psychologists, who will be able to answer any question.
  • Fatebenefratelli Foundation of the city: two types of online courses, one entitled "Becoming parents with the RAT method (Autogenic Respiratory Training)" which includes meetings with the midwife and the psychologist to learn relaxation and correct breathing techniques, as well as to address typical topics of pregnancy and childbirth and another entitled "Pregnancy and movement" managed by a midwife in nine meetings to develop a physical confidence that helps to increase the elasticity of the body, as well as allowing moments of psycho-physical relaxation .

How long does the preparation course last?

It is generally recommended start a preparatory course in the last trimester of pregnancy but it is advisable to start looking for the most comfortable and suitable course for your needs from the second quarter of gestation, also because many courses are limited and it is better to book in advance. It is good to evaluate the various possibilities and choose the right course, based on the teachers, the times, the location and remember that some counseling centers also offer intensive courses to be attended in last two weeks of pregnancy.

What is done in the preparation course

All future mothers have read a great deal, in books and on the Internet, but in reality they always know too little about how delivery takes place and what to expect immediately after the birth of the baby.

The preparation course is for this: a demystify the processor and to be ready to face the challenges of labor and delivery. Research suggests that women who have taken a prep class are more aware of what to expect during labor and delivery and are less likely to experience psychological distress than women who have not taken a course.

During the lessons, mothers-to-be will be able to learn to recognize the signs of labor and contractions, but also to deal with the fears in the best way: for example, the most effective breathing, visualization and relaxation techniques will be learned to cope with pain.

Il preparation course it also represents an important experience for the future father because he will be able to understand how to actively participate in the birth of the child, what his role and task will be and how he can be the protagonist both during childbirth and immediately after birth.

Is the preparation course compulsory?

Of course, the childbirth preparation course is not mandatory, but only recommended, and it certainly can give birth even without a preparation course. 

Where is the preparation course held?

I childbirth courses are offered by most hospitals, gods consultors and birth centers and represent an excellent opportunity to visit the facility where you will give birth. It is important to look for a course held by a certified and competent operator, the classes should be small, so as to allow maximum participation of all and to encourage debate.

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