Pros and cons of the father in the delivery room

Dad in the delivery room, yes or no

How useful is the presence of the father in delivery room? Until a few decades ago it was unthinkable that a father could witness the birth of his own child. Women gave birth in the presence of midwife and a doctor, while his father waited for the news in the waiting room so that he could communicate it to the rest of the family. Today the father is allowed to enter the delivery room for the natural birth, excluding cases of Caesarean section (although some hospitals are starting to let them in even in the case of a planned caesarean section). Sometimes the man doesn't feel like watching or is hesitant.

here are the pros and cons that can be helpful in making this decision.

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Dad in the delivery room. The advantages

  • Moral and physical support for the mother

Il labor it can be long and the presence of your partner can become precious, to have a comfort, to remember the exercises learned at pre-birth course or to communicate any requests to medical personnel.

  • Linguistic difficulties

If the mother is a foreigner and does not speak the village perfectly, the presence of the partner may be essential for understanding and communicating with doctors.

  • Emotional value

The birth of a child is an important moment in a person's life. Today's fathers are increasingly present in their children's lives and seeing them born will leave them with a memory full of emotion.


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The fathers in the delivery room. Disadvantages

  • Forbidden to those who are impressed

The sight of blood and medical tools does not make the delivery room the ideal place for those who are impressed. It is better not to go in, to avoid having to take care of the father too while it is the parturient who needs care.

  • Stress? no thank you

Before deciding whether to let the father into the delivery room, it would be appropriate to ask whether the situation would make him nervous and particularly stressful for the mother, a state of mind that a woman in labor does not need.

  • He doesn't feel it

We accept the idea that a man may not feel like being present in the delivery room. It is an event full of tension and strong emotions that he may not be ready for. The idea of ​​trying and seeing how it goes is not advisable. If a father does not enter the delivery room, he will still be able to experience the emotion of the birth of his child by taking him first in his arms and taking him to the bath.

If the mother needs a comforting presence, she may choose to entrust this assignment to her mother or sister. It is not the presence in the delivery room that will make a man a better or a worse father.

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