Raising a daughter costs more than raising a son

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Daughters cost more than sons

Raising a daughter costs a lot more than having to raise a son. This is what emerged from one I study English conducted some time ago coordinated by Ed Bowsher Love Money website manager. But because daughters cost more than sons?


Baby how much do you cost me!

From diapers to high chairs, to games: the birth of a child is a drain on families. But something can be saved

The investigation concluded that parents will spend money to raise a daughter almost 34 thousand euros more. In particular, to raise a daughter from birth to the age of majority they would spend more than 124 thousand euros, while male children would cost About 90 thousand.

The difference is particularly noticeable in the teenage years when girls would spend 14mila euros only in cosmetics, make-up and hygiene products, while male teenagers would spend about 9mila euros in technology. In addition to the purchase of clothes and women's clothingand parents would spend 37% more than the parents of boys. "Dressing" a girl and a teenager can cost up to 13 thousand euros, almost double what happens for males who, on the other hand, receive pocket money that is 10% higher than their peers.

The study, conducted on about 3 thousand parents, showed that the greatest amount of money is spent on children hobby and sport, from swimming to football to dance. And from the analysis it also emerges that the things necessary to practice sport, for example, cost more. A soccer uniform costs much less than the kit needed to do dance.

But not only. By interviewing the parents involved in the research, the scholars also realized that those who have a daughter spend more on:

  • birthday parties;
  • gifts for birthdays and Christmas;
  • accessories, hats and bags;
  • hairdresser since childhood.

Why this difference?

Ed Bowsher explained:

Everyone knows that raising a child is expensive. But it's interesting to see that those who have to raise girls in the long run will spend far more money than those who have sons, and I'm sure a lot depends on the love girls have for fashion, cosmetics, beauty care and they also contribute. the expensive dance lessons.

In practice, from childhood it seems that the objects that girls ask for or that parents decide to buy cost more: we are talking about dolls and dollhouses, toys for girls, beauty products, shoes, dance lessons, etc. while males seem to be less demanding on this front.

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How much does it cost to raise a child in the country

It is not easy to establish this, but according to Federconsumatori, the cost of raising a child from birth to 18 depends very much on the income and the place where the family lives.

Federconsumatori has estimated that raising a child can cost in total about 270 thousand euros:

  • in the first year of life, the expenditure fluctuates between 7 and 123 and 15 and 348 euros;
  • between 3 and 8 years the cost is between about 6 thousand and almost 15 thousand per year and so on to grow up to the age group of 15 and 18 years when the cost of a child is estimated between 7 thousand and 100 and 16 thousand and 500 euros a year.
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