Rebozo pregnancy massage

Rebozo massage

As explained by midwife Violeta Benini, the rebozo is a rectangular Mexican garment that women also use as a baby sling or to carry objects.

Bad midwives Mexicans have also found another way to use this traditional shawl: practice a massage on children and pregnant women.

Particularly during the last stages of the pregnancy, the rebozo can even manage to change position of the baby in the belly. Furthermore, the rebozo massage acts on the abdominal bands and on the uterus, favoring the relaxation of these areas and reducing the pain caused by the ever-increasing size of the belly.

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Finally, rebozo massage can help create more spaceme inside the belly and help the baby find a more suitable position to prepare for birth and to move with greater freedom.

If you want to do a massage with the rebozo, explains the midwife, it is first of all very important that a sincere and highly communicative relationship is established between the woman and the operator, the massage must be sweet and pleasant.
The massage should only be performed if the pregnancy is progressing well and there are no threats of abortion.

Rebound massage can also be useful in helping the baby to change position if he is in the breech position or posterior occiput position, a condition that can lead to slower and longer labor and increase the risk of cutting. caesarean.


The rebozo massage

It is a massage technique done with a Mexican garment

The positions to practice the rebozo massage

The woman lies down and the rebozo lifts her off the ground by cradling her (recommended if the baby is in the posterior occiput position or in case of asynclitism, i.e. the baby's body is not in axis with the head and is not in axis with the birth canal)

The woman is on all fours and the rebozo is placed on the hips by wrapping the sacrum (this position is also excellent in case of position podium asynclitism)

The woman stands in piedi and the rebozo surrounds her back cradling her, it is a massage that can also favor the beginning of labor and the descent of the child into the birth canal

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