Remedies for headaches in pregnancy

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Headache in pregnancy

Among the most frequent ailments that can occur during the nine months the headache in pregnancy it is certainly one of the most common, especially in the first few weeks. Let's see what are the causes, what you can take to make the headache go away and if there are effective natural remedies, assuming that for any ailment that occurs during pregnancy it is always important to talk to your doctor who will indicate the most suitable therapy.

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Headache in pregnancy, the causes

The cause is certainly to be found in the hormonal storm which occurs early in gestation, but causes may also include:

  • increased blood pressure (better call your doctor if blurred vision, bloating or abdominal pain occur along with the headache),
  • dehydration,
  • l'anemia,
  • sleep difficulties,
  • lack of sugar,
  • the stress
  • the typical fatigue of pregnancy.

Disorders of pregnancy: a remedy for everyone

Back pain, swollen legs, heartburn and many others. Here are the safe remedies for the most common ailments of pregnancy

Headache in pregnancy, what to take

If the headache is very severe, one tablet of paracetamol, one of the few drugs that can be taken during pregnancy, while all NSAIDs and painkillers are absolutely not recommended. On the other hand, you can (and should) also take some precautions in your daily lifestyle to prevent the disorder.

  • Particular attention should be paid to diet: it is important to avoid dehydration by drinking a lot of water (at least one and a half liters a day) without waiting to be thirsty; eliminate alcohol and the consumption of high-calorie and high-fat snacks that contribute to dehydration. In general, following a healthy and regular diet can keep blood sugar levels stable, one of the possible causes of headaches.
  • Make a regular physical activity it is equally important. Swimming or yoga can also help produce endorphins, hormones that act as natural pain relievers. Furthermore, physical activity helps to maintain correct posture, which will prove very important as the baby grows and the weight of the baby bump will lead to an incorrect position that overloads the back and can contribute to headaches.
  • Rest it is a must, for all nine months of gestation. It is important to sleep the right number of hours and rest also to relieve stress.

Headache in pregnancy, natural remedies

As we said, a severe headache can be treated with paracetamol, but before resorting to drugs it would be useful to try to relieve the headache with natural remedies.

Natural remedies for headaches

  • Massage 
  • Go out and get some air
  • Accommodation
  • Drink water
  • Eat a cookie
  • Try a relaxing herbal tea

For example, massaging the neck, go out for some air, try to sleep or drink some water which hydrates the body and can relieve discomfort. Headache can also be caused by a drop in sugar, so you can try eating a cookie to raise your blood sugar levels.

Finally, you can ask your doctor if you should take one tisane with lavender or lemon balm, which have a relaxing action.

Is Headache in Pregnancy Normal?

As we said, headache is one of the most common and frequent disorders in pregnancy and is mainly caused by hormonal changes, especially those related to estrogen, which can favor the onset of this disorder. However, if it can be considered normal to have headaches often, it is still a malaise that should not be underestimated and if it becomes frequent it is very important to contact your doctor.

Headache in pregnancy in the first few weeks

Especially in the first weeks of gestation, hormones undergo a real revolution. The increase of estrogen, in particular, it can lead to headaches, especially in women who have never suffered from this problem.

Pregnancy headache in the first trimester

It may happen that some women suffer from regularly headache, when they become pregnant they see their attacks disappear, precisely because of the increase in estrogen levels which perform a sort of protective and preventive action and promote the release of endorphins. On the contrary, however, these hormonal changes can favor the onset of headaches even in those who have never suffered from it and this happens especially in the first three months.

Headache in pregnancy in the second trimester

Il headache in second trimester could be linked to a mild anemia, so it is good to follow a controlled diet that guarantees the right supply of essential nutrients and iron, or to a circulatory disturbance or an increase in blood pressure. If other symptoms are associated with the headache, such as swelling in the limbs and sudden flashes of light in front of the eyes, it could be preeclampsia, so it is good to always talk to your doctor if you suffer from frequent headaches.

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