Remove the diaper, advice on how and when to do it

THEsummer it is definitely the period Partner to launch yourself into the big one adventure di remove il diaper and, since now the beautiful season is behind theangle, we begin to prepare together with the great special event. Terrified to the idea of ​​seeing puddles di pee-pee e montagnette di puppet around casa? It is not at all said things will go so (to me for example it is not may happened) and, even if from time to time it should happen, try to take it with philosophy: it "spannolinamento"Does not last in eternal.

Qualche day ago we had already published a post in which we have given you some straight on how to understand if yours child is ready to remove il diaper. Go it to reread and, if your little one throws you i signals we have listed, it's time for from with the big one firm. Why, if it is true that thesummer è perfect because the children can go around casa in underwear, if your child is soon you can too iniziare to say goodbye al diaper with the phases of "approach"The potty.

And right from there, yes it starts: from the choice of potty. It seems commonplace, but it isn't. A comfortable potty e allegro it can become yours ally to abandon il diaper. In business there are many models, the best are those with seat ergonomic, edges curved and corners beveled, endowed of back and a rectangle raised on front, which prevents you from to slide. Some even have the footrest.

Il adapter for the water it should be reserved for children a little more great, who know how to get on one stool to reach it. Pick one that you do blocks good on wc.

Present the potty as a amico: many have the form of animal, which you could also give a name, so as to make him one of family. However, it must remain in bathroom: nothing walks to casa. His place is next al water, The "potty of the great".

Made this first step, a nice respite, so much patience e by!

A good method to begin with is remove il diaper for some Now al day (although to tell the truth there are those thinks that goes raised e enough. It depends a little on the capacity di resistance that you have moms), increasing progressively this time during the day. Propose the potty different times, so that the baby can take confidence and understand the frequency its needs.

In this regard: the control of the disastrous you acquire much more easily than that ofurine, also because a 2 3-years lo stimulus warns with minor frequency and often more or less the same Now. For the pee-pee the speech is different and it may take longer time. In remove il diaper you don't have to have hurry nor be impatient: success of the company also depends a lot on yours atteggiamento. If it's you little convincedlet alone if yours can be child!

Don't let too much in lungo the little one on potty e restate with him, encourage him and do it i congratulations: the first successes they go celebrated (and never use expressions di dislike is preferably used for poop). The child will feel al center dell 'caution e proud of his feats, which will push him to continue. If it doesn't happen nothing, leave passare 10-15 minutes before to attempt again. Try not to stressarlo (and not stressed yourself).

They "accidents? The pee-pee on carpet of pediatrician or in the machine area of nonna can old men. It especially happens tostart, when precisely the child may not have a control perfect of stimulus, or if it is a lot engaged in some game or in another outdoor. Typically, these episodes disappear with time, but they don't have to do you sclerare: no scold your child for such accident. To scold e to punish they do not induce him to do meglio, but rather they create greater anxiety e get worse la situation.

Remove il diaper also of notte: Yup o No.? This it depends. If already from time you realize that al morning the little one is dry, you can immediately try to switch to underwear well of notte. But be careful to put a mattress cover waxed in bed, to avoid surprises. At 2-3 years of age she pees her night it can be quite normal because not all children succeed in hold it back more than 4-5 hours. The sonno deep does not allow to perceive it stimulus e to wake up.

Good luck, moms !!

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