Removing the diaper: how to tell if your baby is ready

    Removing the diaper: how to tell if your baby is ready

    One of the Nodi crucial in the growth of our children is remove il diaper. A moment that most of us wait with anxiety and already see you with the casa invaded by puddles di pee-pee e underwear plastered of puppet. But it is by no means certain that the "spannolinamento"Must necessarily be one tragedy. We often worry in excess (we are mothers for this!) and instead the company reveals itself more simple expected.

    Remove il diaper is a tappa important, which is reached on average around 2 years di age. But, as almost always in these almost, this is a 'indication rough: there are more children precocious, which already a 18 months say goodbye al diaper, and others a little more lazy, which also come to two years e mezzo o three:. Sure, if you go much further than that dates maybe it is the case to get help from the pediatrician.

    In short, the period right for remove il diaper it's enough subjective and it depends on the capacity of the little ones of controllare the sphincters and stimuli of poop and pee. They have to slowly learn to recognize the need to urinate or evacuate: we adults give for discounted let it be one banality, but we try to immerse ourselves in clothes (of these diapers) of ours puppies. Not easy to understand what happens to them body! Hence it is necessary to have a lot patience.

    to understand when the time di remove il diaper there are some signals than the child unawares launches and who can therefore encourage us to throw ourselves into this adventure.

    The first thing from to notice is if the little one shows nuisance for the diaper wet. That's enough now little boy to make you understand without the possibility of mistake. If from neonate she was crying desperately, but now she will tell you clear e tondo than that thing wet on ass it is truly one boredom.

    Other element to be evaluated is whether al morning find the dry diaper almost. If during the notte your child has urinated little or even nothing, it could be soon for the potty. The same thing is true after the 2-3 hours of nap afternoon.

    A child interested al bathroom could more easily leave the diaper. To do this bring it with you and, already from 18 months, put a potty next to water. When you are sessions, invited the little one to do as you do: it spirit di emulation è powerful in children. The potty however it should not be considered a game, so it doesn't have to go out from bathroom and carried around for casa: try to make him understand it with sweetness, but also with firmness.

    A baby soon a remove il diaper sits gladly on the potty and it stays there for too 5 10-minute consecutively. If then it proves proud when succeeds to get some inside need to or if he asks you to be brought in bathroom, proving to know controllare the sphincters road is that right.

    To give i advice right and list the tappe for the "spannolinamento”It would take another 15 posts! Today we just understand the signals which could indicate who your child is soon: In the next giorni we will return to the topic.

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