Rita name for girl: meaning, diffusion, origin and curiosity

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Rita name for girl

Rita it is a feminine name that was originally born as part of Margherita but which then, over the years, has become an independent name. But what is yours meaning? And what are the curiosities, the name day and the spread of this name for baby girl

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  • Who was Saint Rita?
  • The name Rita in other languages
  • How is Rita's character
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  • What is Rita's lucky number?
  • What song should you dedicate to Rita?
  • Famous people named Rita

What is the meaning of the name Rita?

Rita was born as a hypocoristic of the name Margherita, but it stood out as a standalone name in the Middle Ages for apheresis and is still a fairly popular female name today. Margherita derives from the Greek term margarites, which in Latin became margarita e its meaning is "pearl".


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How popular is the name Rita?

The popularity of the name Rita grew mainly thanks to the cult of Saint Rita of Cascia and then in the twentieth century its diffusion grew to the point of becoming the seventh most popular name in the country in 1950, also thanks to the famous American actress Rita Hayworth, protagonist of the film Gilda.

Rita remained on the list of popular names throughout the XNUMXs, but thereafter her popularity began to wane.

In el country, according to i ISTAT data relative to the most common names, the popularity of this name in our country has been gradually decreasing in recent years: in 1999 514 girls were called Rita, while in 2022 there were 253. It is widespread above all in the central-southern regions, in particular in Umbria where Saint Rita was born.

Female names compounded with Rita

As we said, Rita was born as part of the name Margherita but then established itself as an autonomous name. Between compound names that also include Rita remember:

  • Annarite
  • Maria Rita
  • Marita

When is Rita's name day?

The name day is generally celebrated on 22st May, in honor of Santa Rita da Cascia.

Who was Saint Rita?

Rita was born in Cascia, in Umbria, in 1381, she married Paolo di Ferdinando di Mancino with whom she had two children. Her husband was killed and she forgave her murderers and later she retired and took vows in the Augustinian monastery of Santa Maria Maddalena, in Cascia.

He remained in the monastery for 40 years and not only devoted himself to prayer, penance and fasting, but often went out to serve the poor and sick of Cascia.

On the evening of Good Friday April 18, 1432, retired in prayer for the Passion of Jesus, Rita would receive a thorn from the crown of the Crucifix stuck in the forehead: an astigmata who stayed with her for life. She died on the night of May 22, 1447 and was canonized in 1900 by Leo XIII. Her body is kept in Cascia, inside the basilica of Santa Rita.

She is remembered as "the saint of the impossible", because according to believers after her death she would have continued to perform impossible miracles and to stand by the side of the most needy.

The name Rita in other languages

Rita is one of those names that don't change in other languages, therefore remains Rita also in English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Hungarian, Spanish and Portuguese.

How is Rita's character?

It's hard to resist Rita's charm: it is a "woman-child" funny and sensitive that stimulates a natural instinct for protection in those who know her. Irregular in mood, he easily switches from enthusiasm to despondency. She is a bit capricious, it is not always easy to interact with her. She is sensitive, often sulky and sensitive to compliments.

Rita is a person open, sociable, communicative, extroverted, expressing the joy of living and appreciating exchanges with others. She is an individualist ready to put a lot of effort into her plans, her will and her ambition are infallible. She is insightful, intuitive, she has excellent listening skills and she knows how to be an attentive friend and wise counselor. Rita is independent, original, honest, determined: undoubtedly a strong personality that does not go unnoticed.

She likes think outside the schemie wants to be the first in everything.

What profession will Rita do? It can find gratification in the creative professions, but also in the commercial ones or those related to the human sciences.

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What zodiac sign is associated with the name Rita?

The zodiac sign that corresponds to Rita's personality is that of Gemini. Like Rita, those born under this sign have specific characteristics such as the capacity for expression and communication, the ingenious nature, the sense of welcome and hospitality.

What is Rita's precious stone?

The gem connected to Rita is the Diamond, which represents invincibility, but also purity, life and even intelligence.

What color is associated with Rita?

The color that best expresses Rita's character is yellow, which reflects cheerfulness and generosity. It also refers to warmth, knowledge, power and friendship.

What is Rita's lucky number?

Rita's lucky number is 9, a symbol of completeness linked to people with acute and strong intuition.

What song should you dedicate to Rita?

Many songs are dedicated to Rita. We have choosen Lovely rita of the Beatles, released in the 1967.

Famous people named Rita

  • Rita da Cascia, religious and saint of the village
  • Rita Borsellino, politics and the countryside
  • Rita dalla Chiesa, TV presenter and journalist el paesena
  • Rita Dove, American poet and writer
  • Rita Hayworth, American actress and dancer
  • Rita Jolivet, French actress
  • Rita Levi-Montalcini, neurologist and senator for life el paesena
  • Rita Pavone, singer and actress from the Swiss naturalized village
  • Rita Rusić, actress and film producer el paesena

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