Rotavirus, this unknown


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Rotavirus is the most responsible for severe gastroenteritis in infants and children under 5 years of age all over the world. Yet the Rotavirus is less known than other infectious agents and very often it does not receive the attention it deserves from those who care for children's health. 

Let's get to know him better.

It is a highly contagious virus which belongs to the Reoviridae family. It was discovered in 1973 by the Australian virologist Ruth Bishop and owes its name to the wheel shape it presents under the electron microscope.
7 Rotavirus species have been identified: A, B, C, D, E, F, G. Three of these are capable of causing infections in humans. The species A causes the most Rotavirus gastroenteritis; follow at a distance the B and C.


Symptoms of Rotavirus gastroenteritis they appear after 1-3 days from contact with the infectious agent. At first children present nausea e vomiting and in about a third of cases high fever; after 1-2 days appear numerous episodes of very liquid diarrhea, which require constant diaper changes, often accompanied by abdominal pain

Le more severe forms affect children of aged between 6 months and two years of life, premature babies and low birth weight infants.
This pathology peaks in the winter season like almost all viral forms. 

The diagnosis 

The pediatrician makes the diagnosis usually based on symptoms; when necessary, a laboratory diagnosis can be made by looking for virus-specific antigens in a stool sample. 

The consequences

Rotavirus gastroenteritis often causes significant loss of fluids and electrolytes (minerals found in the blood, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium). In infants and young children it can quickly lead to one advanced state of dehydration which, if not promptly corrected, it can be fatal

Rotavirus gastroenteritis represent one of the main causes of hospitalization of children. THEhospitalization, necessary to carry out the rehydratazione process phleboclisi, constitutes atraumatic experience for the child, represents a element of great emotional stress for the family and a economic and social weight for the cost of the hospitalization itself and the loss of several working days by the parents: the hospitalization can in fact last up to 10 days. 

To protect your baby, go to your pediatrician right away. Mom, do you know thatsevere Rotavirus infection è avoidable thanks to a vaccination

Yet research has shown that 90% of children hospitalized for Rotavirus gastroenteritis they had not been vaccinated for Rotavirus and that, in many cases, their parents they didn't know it existed Rotavirus vaccination. 

From the 2017 vaccination for Rotavirus it is strongly recommended ed offered for free to families from the National Health System. 

If you are an expecting mom, or if you have just had a baby, the best time to go ask and receive information about this vaccination is the first health balance that all children and villagers have the possibility of having their family pediatrician from the first month of life

Ask for information now to your pediatrician about the Rotavirus vaccination: it is a great gesture of protection and love towards your baby. 

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