Sea, lake, mountain: where to go on holiday with babies

It's true: we're not even halfway through February and, even if the Sun from time to time, thesummer it still seems like a lot lontana. And then we playadvance because to fantasize about the summer it's never too early! We begin to think where spend a little deserved Relax? Even if you have given birth recently or if the big day is expected during thesummer, nothing prevents you from going in vacation with babies. You just have to find the place right.

First "warning“: If you want to avoid the hot excessive, better to focus on mountain over a thousand meters. Second: keep in mind that, for to get used to to the new one environment, To children very small can serve some day. Of course, many prove to be true "globetrotter”Right away, but in general a little bit of time to acclimatarsi it can be quite physiological.

Especially in the beginning, the change can affectappetite, on the sonno, on the game. So expect some lack of appetite or difficulties ad falling asleep. If you get the chance, schedule one holiday 15-20 days, so you can get used to it gradually and enjoy the journey.

Where go to vacation with babies? Preferred places should be rest assured and not particularly chaotic, where no one is moans because your baby screams in the throes of fame more black. Flats, residence o bungalow are ideals in this sense, also because they allow the maximum ofautonomy, but if you don't want to give up the comfort dell 'hotel we can understand you very well!

Mountain, lake e hill are the goals perfect for a vacation with babies because they offer a lot of opportunity to walks, picnic ed excursions in the woods, as well as guaranteeing a "supply" of clean Air e healthy (if you live in city you need it). The temperature cooler, especially of will be, make most people feel good small, which rest better. If you have a little more kids great they will be happy to run around for meadows and clearings.

Most children they can be easily transported into the pouch or in the appropriate models a backpack. Always remember to put a bonnet and to spread the sunscreen in areas that can be exposed to Sun: In mountain it hits even harder.

And let's talk about Sun. The little ones under the 6 months they should never be exposed directly ai sunrays, in particular in the central hours of the day: the risk of shots di heat è high, not to mention the sunburn. If for one vacation with babies choose the sea, take them in beach in the morning a lot presto and the late pomeriggio and protect them with one the perfect full screen, even if you think the Sun be less forte or if the sky è covered. Put clothes light of cotton or linenpreferably Bianchi.

If you love sea, look for places sandy and that they also have nearby pine forests or in any case of the vegetationI Infants they will rest better and, in the meantime, i fratelli the greater they will be able wallow or create wonderful castles of sand. As for the accommodation (hotel, home, campsite), make sure there is possibility to keep children in one area ventilated, green and with shadow.

If, on the other hand, you are a fan ofmodern art and the big ones city, green light! Paradoxically this kind of holiday it's simpler with i Infants: tucked into the pouch, they do to carry with serenity between museums e monuments, while those a little older (1-2 years) maybe yes they would be bored a bit'. The only one shrewdness Is that of avoid di walk for too long in the midst of drains of cars.

Yellow light for holidays with babies in resort exotic. Ask yourself some questions. The climate is it suitable for a little one? The hygienic conditions are compatible with a toddler who puts everything in mouth? Do you feel like submitting it to vaccinations necessary for this kind of travel? How much it is ore di plane do you have to face? To find answers sure it is better to consult the  pediatrician, which certainly will be able to give all advice best. You can find some information useful on the website of the ministry area of Health (click HERE).


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